24 May 2019

Manchester-based heavy haulage company, JC Gillespie, has implemented Edinburgh-based PODFather’s electronic proof of delivery and route planning software, which greatly speeds up their work processes and saves them hours every week.  JC Gillespie, established in 1983, operate vehicles ranging from 3.5 to 180 tons. Before PODFather they used a paper-based system, which proved inconvenient and time consuming.

Michael Gillespie, Managing Director of JC Gillespie, informs: “Everything was done manually, and we needed to input and update information six times for each job. Sometimes job sheets were lost, which resulted in a whole job being lost, and some job sheets were illegible causing big delays. As a result, the time between completed jobs the invoice reaching the customer and us being paid could be significant. It simply didn’t work for us.”

The system has shortened the time from job completion to invoicing by approximately ten days

So, JC Gillespie Heavy Haulage decided it was time to rectify the situation and find a system that worked. After looking at several systems they chose PODFather, and the system has substantially cut down time and effort for the employees.

Michael Gillespie says: “Now we only need to input data once and the same correct information travels through the system to the final invoice without further need for replication. The system has shortened the time from job completion to invoicing by approximately ten days and as a result our debtor days have reduced by about the same amount.”

In addition to the decreased invoicing time, JC Gillespie’s estimated saved office hours are as follows:

Sales order processing: 5 hours per week

Transport Manager: 5 hours per week

Accounts department: 12 hours per week

Total: 22 hours per week

Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather, comments, “the benefits around time savings and speed of invoice processing offer real commercial benefits to the whole JC Gillespie team and we’re thrilled to have such a positive impact on their operations.”

PODFather further boosts operational efficiency by allowing drivers to send live feedback to the back office, thus something can be done about a potential issue at once. The mandatory timed vehicle check in the system ensures that the safety measure is handled correctly and ensures compliance processes are followed by the drivers.

The route management system allows the Transport Manager to keep a real live track on drivers, keep customers informed if there’s a change or delay, which in turn allows the company to be very proactive to handling delays.

Since the drivers were used to the paper-based system, there were concerns that they may not be able to handle the new electronic system. However, Michael Gillespie was pleased that the transition was so smooth; “As it turns out the least tech-savvy drivers handled it the best. That was great to see.”

Michael Gillespie expects PODFather to have many long-term impacts on his business, including the continued speed with job processes, improved compliance and cash flow, plus a guarantee that no jobs will be lost again.

He adds: “It’s an excellent system that is extremely workable and flexible to individual needs. The speed is the main thing – my favourite part is how quickly I can price work up. And now, if a customer needs an update on a job, sometimes the turnaround is so fast that the information bounces back to them in seconds. It’s a real bonus.”