The keystone of your technology stack; connect all the tools you need to run your fleet logistics operation with Podfather.  Use our simple powerful and fast API to connect Podfather with your existing business tools.  We make integration easy, deliver results fast and help you realise system benefits sooner.  Other integration options are also available.

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We have made it as easy as possible for information to flow to and from your existing systems into ours.  We provide multiple methods of integration to both upload jobs and download completed proof of delivery data with your existing ERP, sales order, WMS or invoicing systems. 

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API upload

Integrate Podfather with your systems using web services or sFTP in XML, JSON or CSV formats.  Jobs can be uploaded unallocated or pre-routed, and PODs downloaded as soon as they’ve been completed. POD data is available to download in XML, JSON and CSV formats, along with a PDF copy of the completed delivery note, and any photos that might have been captured.

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Manual booking

Not got an existing system?  No problem. Podfather provides a back-office solution which lets your office staff enter jobs on either a one off or recurring basis. A spreadsheet import option is also available to speed up data entry.

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Customer portal

Our solution includes a customer portal that can be added to your own website for your clients to enter jobs.  Saving you time and improving your service.

About our API

Our API has been designed to allow the ease of integration of our solution into your existing IT systems by using JSON, XML or CSV file formats with data files transmitted via web services or sFTP.  Once a job has been processed in Podfather, or marked as completed via our App, the API can be used to download the completed proof of delivery information in either CSV, JSON or XML file formats.  PDF reports, showing collated information, can also be downloaded along with photographs and signature captures and archived on a local server (if required).

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