Simply Lunch keeps its food-to-go on the move with Podfather

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Simply Lunch, the family-owned fresh food-to-go business has introduced Podfather’s route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery solution to help streamline processes across its thriving business.  With over 150,000 deliveries a year, Simply Lunch saw the need to invest in the latest technology to support its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.  The Podfather solution is relied upon to reduce empty running as vehicles are planned to do both customer deliveries and supplier collections, ensuring that vehicles are rarely running empty.  Podfather’s advanced, yet easy-to-use technology, gives Simply Lunch the tools it needs to make the best use of its resources.

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Simply Lunch is a family-owned fresh food-to-go (FTG) business that has been established for over 30 years.  The team is committed to producing high-quality ready-to-eat products for the FTG market and to building long-term valued partnerships with both its customers and suppliers.  With delivery volumes on the increase, the Simply Lunch team saw the introduction of a reliable route planning and execution tool as a way of improving its service offering and supporting its company's sustainability goals.  
“Being able to efficiently plan our vehicle routes, track driver movements and issue reliable ETA notifications to our customers is closely aligned to our sustainability objectives as a business,” comments Sam Page, Managing Director at Simply Lunch.  “It’s important that we make the most of every vehicle mile and reduce our empty running.  Having the Podfather solution in place has a big part to play in helping us achieve our goals.”
The Podfather solution enables companies to simplify the complex problem of planning and managing delivery routes.  The cloud-based back-office system, and easy-to-use driver all, allow users to plan, manage and optimise vehicle routes, capture vehicle checks, issue customer ETA notifications, track drivers, and capture electronic proof of delivery without the need for paper tickets.  As a result, admin time is reduced, costs are cut, efficiency is improved, and system users get full real-time visibility of what’s going on across their distribution operation. 
“With many of our deliveries taking place out of hours, having the Podfather ePOD application on our driver devices is a great way of ensuring we capture the proof of delivery information that we need to keep our business running smoothly,” adds Page.  “We capture the exact delivery location, as well as the time and as many photographs as we need to prove what was left where. We’ve found that having this information is a big benefit to us and our customers.”  

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Use cases:
Planning and optimisation, Tracking and notifications, ePOD,
Home delivery,