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Our award-winning technology will help you make paper tickets a thing of the past. We are well known for our ePOD functionality but there is so much more to PODFather than ePOD…

What we do
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Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

No more paper tickets, just fast efficient ePOD software that enables you to capture delivery information, including signatures & photos. All you need is a smartphone.

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Routing & scheduling optimisation

Optimise your vehicle routes with PODFather. Use this feature in either manual or auto mode (auto is best) and you can build routes that are both cost effective and resource efficient, in a few simple clicks.

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Vehicle checks

Automate the whole process, ensure you meet Government requirements for safety checks, allow drivers to collect and log all information on the smart phone app & send it back to the transport office or construction site.

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Vehicle & driver tracking

With our smartphone app (available in iOS & Android versions) you can track vehicle movement and gather driver data. No installed telematics, just an intuitive and easy to use app that will tell you everything you need to know.

Our Clients include

We are working with some of the UK’s biggest construction and logistics companies but our scalable software means that we have many smaller, independent, operators who are relying on us every day to help them streamline operations, eradicate paper and control costs.

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The benefits of using PODFather

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Eradiate paper tickets & go paperless!

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Produce efficient plans that are cost effective and resource efficient.

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Get real time visibility across your operation.

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Improve customer experience with realistic ETAs & live tracking links.

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Improve your business cashflow with faster invoicing.

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Get KPI reports that help make informed business decisions.

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About PODFather – meet the team behind the brand

PODFather began life in 2000.  We’re a company founded by business software specialists.  If we ever tell you we’re about more than just POD, we really mean it.  We’re about providing solutions that make your company more efficient, more financially robust, and more competitive.  Our customers come from a diverse range of business sectors and sizes.  PODFather is designed to be customised to suit different processes and scale to accommodate any size of operation.

When you deal with PODFather, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best. We treat our customers as partners and want to help them succeed by offering solutions that not only help save money through operational efficiencies, but also help them win new business by standing out from the competition.

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