System status

We strive for 99.9% uptime.  The stats below show our uptime over the last 31 days (and beyond).


Back office

The back office application includes things like job creation, scheduling, routing, PODs, invoicing and tracking modules, amongst others.


Handheld API

The handheld service sends jobs to and receives jobs from driver PDAs. Any downtime here only affects PDA communication.


Customer portal

The Podfather customer portal - for end customers to view their own PODs, see personalised tracking pages, and manage online bookings.


Brochure website

The Podfather brochure website is what you are viewing right now, and serves as the entry point to the back office service for most of our customers.


Upload service

The Podfather upload service receives formatted jobs files from integrated customer systems, and can also pass back information about completed jobs.

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