8 November 2019

Oxfordshire-based courier company, QED Sameday Courier Ltd, have partnered up with PODFather and installed their electronic proof of delivery and logistics system. As a result, they have improved their customer service, compliance, and saved hours of admin work.  QED Sameday Courier Ltd was established in 1990 and operate in Oxford, South Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley and London. They are a delivery and collection courier and offer a range of service levels, from Response Sameday Courier to Three Day Bespoke Deliveries.

Before PODFather, QED used a largely paper-based system that was time-consuming and unreliable. As the company grew overtime this system was no longer sustainable and it was time to find something more time efficient. Enter PODFather.

The system is much more robust than our old one, and the company seemed honest and reliable from the start.

Mark Hughes, Managing Director at QED, informs, “I had already been in contact with PODFather’s MD, Colin, so when the time came for us to get a new system, I was already aware of PODFather and went for it. The system is much more robust than our old one, and the company seemed honest and reliable from the start.”

Today, PODFather has a significant impact on QED’s day-to-day work since it cuts down so much on administrative work and gives them the tools that they need for their business to run smoothly.

“At this time, we have 13 vans that complete the jobs we have, and PODFather saves us from having an admin team employed to create jobs, deal with invoices and other paperwork, so that way we also save money which we can use elsewhere.”, Mark adds.

PODFather’s Managing Director, Colin McCreadie, comments, “As a company, PODFather values forming long-term relationships with customers. I am delighted that even eight years down the line QED are still so happy with our services, and I hope it will continue for many years to come.”

Out of all the features that PODFather has to offer, QED values the sign on screen feature the most because it makes the process of invoicing much faster and more efficient since the POD is sent to the back-office, and to the customer instantaneously. Thanks to this feature, Mark and the rest of QED never have to worry about lost jobs again and additionally, it improves compliance, cash flow and their customer service.

Mark explains, “All the information that a customer might want is in one place so we can get them an answer right away instead of wasting time trying to find the document with the desired information, like we had to do before. It’s also a way for us to prove to a customer that a job has been done – we just show them the information on the ePOD.”

He concludes, “PODFather is also a way of accessing delivery systems that only big companies have access to. It has enabled us to grow in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without it.”