20 July 2017

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) have deployed the PODFather system for tracking patient record bags across the county.  The PODFather solution includes unique facilities that improves collection round scheduling, route planning and optimisation which drives efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs for the NHS. The porters receive instructions about which sites to visit and record patient record bags collected at each site via the PODFather Android application, with the movements visible in real-time.

It [PODFather] helps prevent the risk of assets and health records being lost or misplaced

Benefits to NHS:

.• The system can be shared by every Trust to streamline admin processes and management of their Porter courier team.

• It is easy to procure via the G-Cloud 9 framework, or Digital Marketplace, run by Crown Commercial Services. It is easy to implement and easy to use.

• We collaborate with Medical Records team, Estates & Facilities and Procurement teams to ensure a swift and easy deployment.

• Works offline – perfect for use in hospital environments and remote areas with poor mobile coverage.

• Helps prevent the loss of Patient Health Records and eliminate the associated fines.

• Helps prevent the misplacement and loss of equipment and related costs.

• Reduces the admin time, errors, costs and risks associated with manual and paper-based processes.

• It enhances the administrative processes around scheduling both ad-hoc and regular tasks for office staff, Hospital Porters and Facilities Maintenance crews.

• Using GS1-standard bar-code formats, it tracks the movements of items between sites (e.g. Patient Records, Mail, Specimens, Laundry, Dental, etc) and keeps real-time electronic records of all asset movements and tasks completed.

• It drives positive, sustainable change; modernising paper-based processes into a streamlined, real-time, automated model.

• PODFather complements CIP (Cost Improvement Program) strategy for sustainable cost improvements by making admin processes more efficient, improving productivity and promoting operational excellence.

Stephen Prince, Estates and Facilities Manager for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said, “We chose PODFather because it will complement our strategy for cost improvements by making positive and sustainable changes to our working processes. It helps prevent the risk of assets and health records being lost or misplaced, and improves the scheduling efficiencies of ad-hoc and regular tasks for our courier operations.”

Colin McCreadie, Managing Director of PODFather, adds, “The PODFather Healthcare system is being developed with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust so it can be easily adopted by any NHS organisation to streamline admin processes and improve the visibility of the transportation of patient records and other equipment assets as they are moved by the courier teams both within the Cumbria region as well as neighbouring Trusts. We’re delighted to be awarded this contract and working with the NHS to introduce more efficient.