27 July 2012

Gurteen Recycling are a national recycling and transport company based in the North East of England. With a range of vehicle types operating across the UK to cater for all customer requirements, they offer a reliable service to a growing list of blue chip companies.  One area of the business focuses on scrap metal collection and recycling services from car garage and service centres across the UK. Dealing principally with national chains, huge demands are placed on the business to ensure all contract requirements are met and the customer is provided with the highest level of service.

At the start of 2012, Gurteen Recycling implemented the PODFather Logistics system to manage their drivers’ weekly collection rounds, which sync to the mobile PDA system allowing collection details to be captured at both the customer and tip sites.Custom job sheets have been created for Gurteen Recycling to replicate their waste transfer forms, documenting the type and quantity of waste collected from each site, and then reporting on the weight of metal collected on each round for billing purposes.

The return on investment in the PODFather system was realised after just a few months.

The combination of data captured on the PDA ensures an accurate audit trail of activity is recorded, and also makes sure each customer site is visited according to the agreed schedule. By implementing this in a real-time PDA system, the burden of paperwork is eliminated to the benefit of both business cashflow and improved customer service.

The PODFather Customer Portal has been made available to Gurteen’s customers via their own website. This displays details of the next visit date and time for each of their sites, as well as a permanent archive of all completed job sheets.

Paul Gurteen, Managing Director of Gurteen Recycling, explains, “The PODFather PDA system automatically records the date and time of each visit. The collected materials are also photographed by the PDA and GPS coordinates of each visit are stored, so even if the customer is not available to sign the PDA, we have clear proof the visit was carried out.

“The drivers have the added flexibility of being able to make unscheduled collections and can create ad-hoc jobs on the PDA without having to rely on the transport department booking and scheduling the job to the handheld.”

The PODFather GPS tracking module is included in the Gurteen Recycling system. This provides both real-time and historical tracking of driver movements, integrated with daily routes and completed jobs.

“The return on investment in the PODFather system was realised after just a few months. It has virtually eliminated the paperwork generated by the recycling business, given us integrated tracking, and online facilities for our customers.”