28 May 2020

Aggrecom Ltd, the East Midlands based supplier of construction materials, has selected PODFather as its system of choice for the planning and management of its earthworks and aggregates operations.  With a fleet of 27 tipper lorries, road sweepers and earthmoving vehicles, Aggrecom needed a software solution that could help eradicate paperwork and improve visibility across its growing business.  Having started by rolling PODFather out across a section of its fleet, Aggrecom quickly saw the time and efficiency saving benefits that PODFather brings.  As a result, a full scale PODFather roll out operation is now underway.

“As an organisation, we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service to our customers.  Irrespective of whether we’re moving 20 or 200,000 tonnes of material, we want to be able to accommodate and adapt to any situation,” comments Rob Fox, Managing Director, Aggrecom Group Holdings Ltd.  “With PODFather rolling out across our earthworks and aggregates operations we feel we have the right solution in place to help us to maximise efficiency, streamline our processes and improve visibility across our business.”

With the introduction of PODFather we are saving up to five hours of admin time every day by not relying on paper tickets.

With PODFather in place, Aggrecom will benefit from a number of construction specific software features including bespoke job booking, load planning and allocation management.  PODFather’s robust software offering provides an easy to use, intuitive solution, to the complex problem of planning and managing the movement of a wide variety of earthworks and aggregate loads.  In addition, Aggrecom drivers will all have access to the PODFather smart phone app.  Running on even the most basic of smartphones, the app enables the Aggrecomm management team to share work with drivers, allocate progress and log proof of delivery information in real time.

“With the introduction of PODFather we are saving up to five hours of admin time every day by not relying on paper tickets; time that can be used elsewhere within the business,” adds Fox. “In addition, with real time proof of delivery collection we can immediately see what work we’ve completed, deal with discrepancies, and invoice accordingly.  As far as we are concerned it’s a real game changer in terms of improving how we carry out our day to day business.”

“Here at PODFather we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that meet the real needs of today’s construction operators,” adds Colin McCreadie, PODFather’s Managing Director.  “With Aggrecom we’ve quickly been able to demonstrate just how instrumental our system can be in streamlining processes, driving improvements and improving visibility for companies dealing with the complex challenge of managing material movements in the construction industry.”