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See why distribution fleet operators across a wide range of industries use PODFather to help simplify the complex process of planning and managing their distribution operation. Eradicate paper tickets, control costs, and improve customer experience with easy-to-use technology that delivers real results fast.

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Asset management

Assets can include items such as medical records, equipment, dental, specimens, mail, laundry and patients. Healthcare assets are entered into the PODFather system so that you can easily track the movements of all your items.

Track & trace technology with our app

Once an asset has been entered into the system, we will produce a unique barcode for you – attach it to the item being tracked and off it goes. Our tracking apps runs on a smartphone (Android or iOS) and means you can track the movement of all your scanned items. This gives you a full audit trail showing what moved where when. The app has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for operators to use.


ePOD is at the heart of the PODFather system, allowing you to replace paper proof of delivery notes with real-time data through a robust, enterprise ePOD application. Once an asset has arrived at its destination a completed asset note is automatically generated. This note will show everything about the asset including the final signature and when it was complete.

Customer portal

With our customer portal you are able view a list of all assets and their current status/location. You can then drill down into each individual asset and see a complete audit trail.

Running Electric Vehicles?  We’re EV ready when you are!

We are seeing an increase in the number of fleet operators switching from traditional diesel-powered vehicles to more ‘green’ alternatives.  The good news is that the PODFather system is EV ready when you are!

Our sophisticated route planning and optimisation engine enables users to specify vehicle profiles, capacity, fuel type and range.  As a result, when building routes with PODFather, you can be confident that the system will factor in the actual fleet profile automatically as part of the route planning process.

We want the market to know that we offer an EV ready solution for companies that are already running or considering running electric vehicles as part of their logistics fleet.

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In an online demonstration we can show you exactly how our route optimisation, delivery tracking, customer notification and electronic Proof of Delivery solution could work for your business. Eradicate paper tickets, control costs, improve visibility and improve cashflow with our easy to use back-office system and intuitive driver app.

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The benefits of introducing PODFather to your field service operation

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Ensure that your assets are carefully tracked.

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Get real time visibility of asset locations and electronic proof of delivery.

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Generate barcodes to track the chain of custody from collection to delivery.

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Cut the costs associated with lost item fines.

Addressing the challenges or running a healthcare fleet.

Tracking valuable assets as they move through your healthcare network: Your PODFather system will allow you to track your assets as they move across your network.  You get full visibility via our cloud-based back-office system.  Never lose an asset or incur a fine. 

PODFather delivery tracking screen on monitor

Assigning jobs to vehicles and drivers in an efficient way: Assign work and plan routes that maximise your operational efficiency, are cost effective and meet customer time windows.  Reduce wasted mileage as a result.

PODFather planning screen

Proving successful delivery of valuable assets with ePOD: With PODFather you get real time visibility of all electronic proof of delivery notifications.  Your drivers use our app to capture photographs and delivery confirmations which are automatically shared with your back-office system users in real time. 

PODFather driver handheld customer screen

Reporting on performance, resource allocation and on time in full delivery completion: PODFather gives users a standard set of performance reports.  We record your operational data which you can then use to create and share KPI repots with others within your business. 

PODFather NHS asset tracking

Integrating PODFather into your Healthcare  business

We understand how important it is for our customers to easily integrate PODFather into their business. Therefore, you can integrate our system into your existing infrastructure using web services. Jobs can be uploaded or pre-routed and PODs downloaded as soon as they are completed. Find out more about integrating PODFather into your healthcare business.

NHS Cumbria

What our customers have to say:


Simply Serve, the wholly owned subsidiary of Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, relies on PODFather’s healthcare asset tracking solution to monitor the movement of items across its growing delivery and collection network.  With an in-house logistics team moving patient notes, post, medical samples, surgical equipment, and medication between more than 70 sites consisting of:  hospitals, doctor surgeries, pharmacies, and laboratories, Simply Serve needed a solution it could rely on to help track and monitor asset movements.  Since the introduction of PODFather, Simply Serve has been able to move away from the manually planned process of old and eradicate paper from its operation for good.

Simply Service delivery vans with drivers

“Here at Simply Serve we’re handling a wide range of items going to a large number of destinations so it’s essential that assets are carefully tracked to ensure everything gets to the right place at the right time. With PODFather we are confident that all our healthcare assets are carefully monitored and tracked.  There are cost implications to mislaying notes or an item as it moves across our network but for the patients in our NHS Foundation’s care the implications of a mislaid batch of notes, or sample results, could be far more serious.” Gary Starrs, Facilities Manager, Simply Serve


Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals, consumables, and distribution partner for COVID-19 vaccine freezer deliveries across the country has selected PODFather’s route planning and electronic proof of delivery software.  PODFather is helping SLS to eradicate paper tickets and streamline processes across its UK delivery operation.  PODFather has introduced route planning, automated vehicle checks, delivery tracking, customer notification and ePOD to this operation which sees vehicles making timed deliveries to academic, healthcare and research facilitates across the country.  With PODFather in place the SLS team has real time visibility and accurate end of day reporting for all its vehicle movements. 

Scientific Laboratory Services delivery van

“The PODFather solution has slotted into our business infrastructure relatively easily and within a matter of weeks we’ve been able to roll the system out across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Drivers have gotten to grips with the app and our teams have found the planning functionality intuitive; being able to visualise journeys on a map and manipulate routes has been a bit hit with our planning teams.”  Bruce Mowbray, Operations Director, Scientific Laboratory Supplies

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We’re a company founded by business software specialists.

PODFather began life in 2000. If we ever tell you we’re about more than just POD, we really mean it. We’re about providing solutions that make your company more efficient, more financially robust, and more competitive. Our customers come from a diverse range of business sectors and sizes. PODFather is designed to be meet the needs of different processes and scale to accommodate any size of healthcare operation.

ePOD route planning software

The PODFather solution is about so much more than proof of delivery.

Our focus is on helping companies, like you, to replace slow, paper-based processes with real-time information that brings benefits across the entire organisation. Replacing paper processes speeds the flow of data through your organisation. It allows your office staff to be better informed about the jobs they are managing daily. With PODFather you will know about any issues before they turn into business-critical problems, making you a proactive, rather than reactive organisation.

What our clients say

We chose PODFather because it will complement our strategy for cost improvements by making positive and sustainable changes to our working processes. It helps prevent the risk of assets and health records being lost or misplaced and improves the scheduling efficiencies of ad-hoc and regular tasks for our courier operations.

Facilities Manager | Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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