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See why distribution fleet operators across a wide range of industries use PODFather to help simplify the complex process of planning and managing their distribution operation. Eradicate paper tickets, control costs, and improve customer experience with easy-to-use technology that delivers real results fast.

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Job management

Automatically upload job information into the system using our API or by uploading a .csv file. You can manually enter jobs too if you don’t have another system. Job booking fields can be tailored to suit your job booking requirements.

Route planning & optimisation

Use our route planning tool to optimise engineer journeys. You can set engineers to start from a depot or from their home location. Routes are planned with automatic consideration for customer requirements, job duration and call time constraints.

Tracking & ePOD

Use our driver app to upload jobs to your teams. Use our vehicle tracking app (Android or iOS – you just need a smartphone) to see what’s going on in real time. Our ePOD ensures that all job completion, and end customer sign off, is captured electronically and submitted back to the office.

Real time visibility & reporting

Using PODFather you will have real time visibility of what’s going on during the day. If an engineer is running late then you will be alerted, and customer service teams can be proactive in approach. PODFather comes with a suite of reporting tools allowing you to analyse performance against all your KPIs

Running Electric Vehicles?  We’re EV ready when you are!

We are seeing an increase in the number of fleet operators switching from traditional diesel-powered vehicles to more ‘green’ alternatives.  The good news is that the PODFather system is EV ready when you are!

Our sophisticated route planning and optimisation engine enables users to specify vehicle profiles, capacity, fuel type and range.  As a result, when building routes with PODFather, you can be confident that the system will factor in the actual fleet profile automatically as part of the route planning process.

We want the market to know that we offer an EV ready solution for companies that are already running or considering running electric vehicles as part of their logistics fleet.

The benefits of introducing PODFather to your field service operation

service engineer icon

Allocate jobs to engineers and plan routes with ease using one cloud-based paper-free system. Streamline your processes with easy-to-use technology.

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Gather vehicle check information prior to depot departure. Collect information using our intuitive handheld device app and keep track of all completed checks, and any reported discrepancies.

Delivery van with tracking icon

Track engineer movements in real time without the need for fixed in-vehicle telematics. Customer service teams can deal with inbound calls, and proactively contact customers if an issue or delay is highlighted in the PODFather system.

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Capture job completion details in real time and issue invoices faster. Don’t wait for the return of paper tickets and reports to manage how you process and complete each service engineer job.

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In an online demonstration we can show you exactly how our route optimisation, delivery tracking, customer notification and electronic Proof of Delivery solution could work for your business. Eradicate paper tickets, control costs, improve visibility and improve cashflow with our easy to use back-office system and intuitive driver app.

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Addressing the challenges of running a field service fleet.

Planning dynamic routes based on daily requirements: With PODFather’s route optimisation engine you can create plans based on live order job bookings.  Speed up the process of booking and managing jobs and share information across your business using our cloud-based planning system.

route optimisation software

Providing a paper free booking, tracking & service engineer reporting process: Move from paper job sheets and tickets to our easy-to-use app.  Share job information with engineers, allow them to route from job to job and capture job completion information without the need for one single paper ticket. 

Field service engineer at work

Communicating with customers regarding arrival times: We will plan accurate and reliable arrival times that you can then share with your customers.  We also provide your customers with a tracking link so that they can see when their engineer is due to arrive. 

PODFather delivery confirmation handheld screen for customer

Removing the need to return paper tickets before invoicing: PODFather gives you real time visibility of job completion meaning you no longer need to wait for paper tickets to be returned, scanned and processed before an invoice is issue.  Improve cashflow as a result. 

PODFather invoices module

Integrating PODFather into your Field Service business

We understand how important it is for our customers to easily integrate PODFather into their business. Therefore, you can integrate our system into your existing infrastructure using web services. Jobs can be uploaded or pre-routed and PODs downloaded as soon as they are completed. Find out more about integrating PODFather into your field service business.

What our customers have to say:


Scot JCB, supplier of agricultural and construction machinery in Scotland and the North of England has selected PODFather’s field engineer management system for roll out across its complex service management operation.  With over 150 engineers, 17 depots and 1,000+ daily visits that involve a varied mix of routine repairs, emergency SLA dependent call outs, and multi engineer jobs, Scot JCB has struggled to find a solution capable of handling the intricacies of its operation.  With PODFather’s job management, route scheduling and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software now rolling out the Scot JCB team is confident it has found the right supplier capable of handling the nuances of its operation.  PODFather will replace Scot JCB’s incumbent technology with an intuitive planning system and smart phone app for improved visibility and control across its operation.

Scot JCB digger outside depot

“With PODFather we get the system flexibility, and reliable results, that we’ve been looking for from a software supplier.  We have been able to configure the system to meet the specific needs of our service engineer visits.  This was a huge plus point and something we’ve struggled with in the past.  We are using PODFather to plan engineer routes, that includes both routine servicing, multi engineer visits and emergency call outs for which we must adhere to our strict service level agreement promises and we can now make informed decisions quickly which is great for our customers and our business.” Scot Spowage, IT Manager, Scot JCB


McCaskie Ltd, the family run agricultural machinery and supplies specialist, is using PODFather’s field service engineer planning software to help keep milk flowing across Scotland.  McCaskie use PODFather to manage its field service job bookings that see a specialist team of technical engineers dealing with 500 monthly service visits, scheduled repair appointments and emergency call outs across the Scottish dairy farming community.  Having replaced manual planning processes with PODFather, the McCaskie team has been able to eradicate paper tickets from its operation for good and overhaul the way in which jobs are managed and logged.  Historically invoice runs happened once every month but with PODFather’s real time proof of delivery reporting functionality the McCaskie accounts team can now issue invoices as soon as a service visit has been completed, slashing time to invoice and improving cash flow.

McCaskie Ltd agricultural operator

“PODFather gives us the tools we need to manage and monitor our service engineer operation which comprises a mix of regular maintenance appointments, ad hoc repairs and emergency call outs.  We can see exactly what service visits have been carried out by which engineer and the real time element of the system means we get instant notification when a job has been completed which has transformed our invoicing process.” Neil Rettie, Director, McCaskie Ltd


IG Doors, the leading supplier of doors to the new build and social housing sectors, is using job management and electronic proof of delivery software from PODFather across both its servicing and installation operations.  With a nationwide team of service and installation engineers and a customer base consisting of the leading housing developers and associations, IG Doors saw the need to improve the paper-based process that had evolved during the company’s 35-year history.  With the need for an advanced, yet easy to use solution capable of handling both streams of the business – servicing and installation – the IG Doors team were impressed with PODFather’s proven capabilities in the building materials sector, its advanced cloud-based planning solution, intuitive driver smartphone app and customisable reports.  As a result of the PODFather system roll out IG Doors has cut planning and admin time, enhanced customer service and increased the speed at which proof of delivery information flows across its operation. 

IG Doors black front door delivered by PODFather

“The customer service benefits of introducing PODFather have been significant.  With PODFather we can automatically issue ETA notifications to customers on the day before delivery, give them live status tracking on the day of delivery and issue electronic delivery confirmation immediately.  The number of customer service calls has fallen dramatically as our customers enjoy the benefit of having full visibility of when their delivery or service engineer is arriving.  It really has been a game changer for us.” James Toyer, IT Systems, IG Doors

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We’re a company founded by business software specialists.

PODFather began life in 2000. If we ever tell you we’re about more than just POD, we really mean it. We’re about providing solutions that make your company more efficient, more financially robust, and more competitive. Our customers come from a diverse range of business sectors and sizes. PODFather is designed to be meet the needs of different processes and scale to accommodate any size of field service operation.

ePOD route planning software

The PODFather solution is about so much more than proof of delivery.

Our focus is on helping companies, like you, to replace slow, paper-based processes with real-time information that brings benefits across the entire organisation. Replacing paper processes speeds the flow of data through your organisation. It allows your office staff to be better informed about the jobs they are managing daily. With PODFather you will know about any issues before they turn into business-critical problems, making you a proactive, rather than reactive organisation.

What our clients say

The PODFather system saves us considerable time in the office and ensures every single job is invoiced. It also provides our customers with real-time visibility of the work we are doing for them and an easily accessible archive where they can retrieve all of the waste transfer notes relating to their collections.

Commercial Director | Wastesafe

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