30 March 2011

PODFather has been directly integrated into one of their major clients global freight forwarding systems to ensure all transport information is communicated to their Import and Export staff electronically – and in real-time – to help improve their audit trail and reduce communication costs. 

Integrating PODFather into the business has been a great success…

Warehouse One transport staff have access to the PODFather scheduling systems for load building and vehicle tracking, and all drivers are equipped with a robust handheld running the PODFather PDA software. This displays full manifests to the drivers, allowing them to indicate to the central system when goods have been collected and delivered, capturing customer signature, time and location stamps at each critical point.

Liam Lee, Director of Warehouse One, comments, “Integrating PODFather into the business has been a great success and we now use the system for both transport management, and helping us secure new major contracts.”