27 February 2019

London based All Clean London Ltd, has partnered up with Edinburgh based software company PODFather, to replace their paper-based system with a faster and more reliable electric proof of delivery system for field service companies.  Being the leading commercial window cleaning service in London and South East UK, with over 40 employed window cleaners, All Clean London Ltd need a system that allows them to process invoices and other job information efficiently.

Before switching to PODFather, All Clean London Ltd experienced issues with invoice mix-ups, which hurt their business since instances such as delayed jobs were not registered in the system. This caused invoices to be sent out for jobs that were not completed, leading to annoyance from clients.

Paul Woods, Managing Director of All Clean London Ltd, comments: “Initially, we tried another system, but it was very unreliable. We had already used PODFather before because it allowed the workers to send jobs, to include before-and-after photos. I didn’t realize that PODFather could be used for invoices until I was on a call with them and they told me about it.”

Colin McCreadie, Managing Director of PODFather, adds: “It’s essential to have an effective system in place to ensure data is processed accurately, and replacing their paper-based system for PODFather’s electric proof of delivery has greatly improved their business.”

All Clean MD Paul Woods was initially concerned that his industry’s negative attitude to new methods would be an obstacle, but after seeing the improvement the PODFather system provided to the business, he now has complete confidence.

Positive feedback from his employees further adds to his satisfaction with the ePOD system, as he explains, “Since the system is automated now the risk of job announcements, satisfactions notes, and such being lost from the vans or the office is eliminated. This makes everyone’s job much easier.

PODFather helps us exceed our competitors and using the system shows that we are efficient as a company and embrace new innovations.
I believe PODFather to be more reliable than other software systems and since they’re UK based that means there is always someone there you can speak to or email if there is a problem.”