5 April 2016

Refrigerated courier experts, Igloo Thermo Logistics, have adopted the latest PODFather developments in customer booking, live route planning, tracking and proof of delivery across their UK-wide logistics operations.  Igloo is using the latest Android Symbol TC55 handheld devices in its fleet to transmit consignment and route plan details to drivers, and also relay live driver positions and ETAs to the office and customers direct from the TC55.

Colin McCreadie, Managing Director of PODFather, said: “Our transport management systems allow deliveries to be booked and planned taking into account vehicle capacity constraints, customer time windows and most efficient route patterns.

The PODFather system has proved very effective and reliable for the business.

“These scheduling systems need to accommodate urgent sameday alongside advance bookings, managing the allocation and route sequence of multi-drop runs with ETA calculations. Deliveries are tracked using the latest PODFather mobile software for proof of delivery on the TC55, allowing Igloo to manage its operations and schedule resources effectively.”

Alistair Turner, Chief Executive of Igloo, said: “The PODFather system has proved very effective and reliable for the business allowing us to provide customers with real-time notifications of how their delivery is progressing.

“As soon as a delivery is made, the office system is updated with the completed details and the customer gets an email with a copy of their POD attached. This up-to-the-minute knowledge of fleet activities allows us to see the status of delivery routes nationwide at any point throughout the day. The system reports any potential problems so our staff in the office can take action immediately.

“The new PODFather driver application is easy to use and provides constant live ETA updates and routing information on driver location and status of deliveries, as well as capturing electronic proof of delivery for every job.”