Introducing PODFather into your vehicle fleet has been proven to….

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Remove the need for paper tickets. All information is held, captured and stored in our cloud-based back office system and driver app.

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Improve the flow of data across difference business divisions, for example transport, customer services, maintenance and accounts.

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Give users real time visibility of what’s going on out on the road and what resources are available where.

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Cut costs as a result of improved route planning, a reduction in wasted miles, less paperwork and less admin time.

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Improve customer satisfaction. Get your drivers to the right place at the right time every time.

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Improve cashflow and financial stability as a result of faster invoicing.

Go Paperless With PODFather

Our award-winning technology will help you make paper tickets a thing of the past.  We are well known for our ePOD functionality but there is so much more to PODFather than ePOD…

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Route planning & optimisation

Automatically create route plans that are cost effective, time efficient & meet customer delivery constraints.

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Vehicle checks

Collect all vehicle checks using our driver app and store all information using our cloud-based back office system.

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Driver tracking

User our smartphone app to track driver movements & monitor route performance. No in-vehicle telematics required.

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Customer ETA notifications

Keep customer informed with live ETA updates sent by text or email. Issue live updates on progress throughout the day & watch your customer satisfaction scores soar.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

Capture ePODs with ease. Includes photograph and sign on glass functionality. Never lose a POD ticket again with PODFather.

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Invoicing & Accounts integration

Integrated real time POD information into your invoicing process. Electronic Proof of Delivery information is captured and shared in real time.

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What our customers have to say….


Select Transport, the Manchester-based transport specialist, is reaping the benefit of introducing PODFather’s electronic proof of delivery technology into its international operation.  Operating a fleet of 25-vehicles, making a mix of regular and ad hoc deliveries to customers located both in the UK and overseas, Select Transport needed a solution it could rely on to maximise efficiency and increase visibility across its business.  The PODFather solution was selected and is now used daily to manage job bookings, plan vehicle routes, track truck movements, communicate with customers and is delivering huge benefits through the automation of both pricing and invoicing processes. 

Select Transport lorry

Our customers are at the core of our business and ensuring they receive the best possible service was a key driver for selecting and implementing the PODFather system. Now that PODFather is up and running, not only have we been able to streamline operations, but our customers are seeing real benefit too.  The solution has been a game changer for us.


Andrews Excavations, the family run business running aggregate deliveries, waste recycling and tipper operations out of its East London headquarters, is rolling PODFather’s electronic waste ticketing solution out across its operation.  With a fleet of over 100 vehicles operating on construction sites across the South East of England, Andrews Excavations needed an advanced, yet easy to use, solution to replace its historically paper-based processes.  PODFather is now relied upon across the fleet to track vehicle movements and collect electronic proof of delivery notifications.  As a result, Andrews Excavations is on the road to phasing out paper tickets across its growing business.

Andrews Excavation vehicles on site

PODFather is enabling us to eradicate paper tickets from our operation for good. With the system in place we can manage our loads more efficiency and get real time visibility of what is going on where throughout the operation.  This has been a game changer for the whole team here at Andrews Excavations.


Springfree Trampolines, sold and distributed throughout the UK by Ergo Ltd, is seeing the benefit of having PODFather in place to plan and manage customer deliveries.  With its nationwide delivery service fulfilled by outdoor living distribution specialists, The Home Delivery Service, Springfree Trampolines has been working to process a huge increase in customer orders this summer.    The Home Delivery Service vehicles are delivering to customer homes nationwide, running on PODFather planned routes.  Customers are now receiving PODFather generated ETAs which are fed through to the Springfree Trampoline team, via the PODFather customer portal.  This gives both the transport operator – The Home Delivery Service, and the supplier – Springfree Trampolines, full visibility of every aspect of this UK-wide home delivery and installation operation.

Springfree Trampoline being delivered; planned by PODFather

The Home Delivery Service has been delivering and installing Springfree Trampolines into homes nationwide for many years, but our processes historically relied on the generation of spreadsheets and paper tickets,” comments Paula Blake-Pead, Operations Excellence at Ergo Ltd.  “Now that The Home Delivery Service uses PODFather we have so much more visibility of, and control over, how our products are being distributed and it’s had a huge impact on the service experience for our customers.


ODDBOX, the UK’s food-waste-fighting fruit & veg box subscription service, has selected PODFather’s fleet management and electronic proof of delivery solution to optimise plans across its rapidly expanding operation. With a fleet of 50 vehicles operating out one, soon to be two depots the ODDBOX team is currently delivering fruit and vegetable boxes to over 40,000 customers located across London and the South East of England.  Having reviewed the software options the market had to offer, the ODDBOX team were impressed by PODFather’s breadth of functionality, ease of integration and professional approach to tackling their planning challenges.

ODDBOX fruit and vegetable box delivery planned by PODFather

Customer experience is absolutely key for us, so at a time when order volumes are increasing it was important for us to get the right software solution in place to help us manage our operation. PODFather’s reputation within the food delivery industry, plus its ease of use and integration capability made it the obvious choice and we look forward to working with the team on the swift roll out of our new ePOD solution.


Simply Serve, the wholly owned subsidiary of Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, relies on PODFather’s healthcare asset tracking solution to monitor the movement of items across its growing delivery and collection network.  With an in-house logistics team moving patient notes, post, medical samples, surgical equipment and medication between more than 70 sites consisting of:  hospitals, doctor surgeries, pharmacies and laboratories, Simply Serve needed a solution it could rely on to help track and monitor asset movements.  Since the introduction of PODFather, Simply Serve has been able to move away from the manually planned process of old and eradicate paper from its operation for good.

Simply Service delivery vans with drivers

Here at Simply Serve we’re handling a wide range of items going to a large number of destinations so it’s essential that assets are carefully tracked to ensure everything gets to the right place at the right time. With PODFather we are confident that all our healthcare assets are carefully monitored and tracked.  There are cost implications to mislaying notes or an item as it moves across our network but for the patients in our NHS Foundation’s care the implications of a mislaid batch of notes, or sample results, could be far more serious.


Scot JCB, supplier of agricultural and construction machinery in Scotland and the North of England has selected PODFather’s field engineer management system for roll out across its complex service management operation.  With over 150 engineers, 17 depots and 1,000+ daily visits that involve a varied mix of routine repairs, emergency SLA dependent call outs, and multi engineer jobs, Scot JCB has struggled to find a solution capable of handling the intricacies of its operation.  With PODFather’s job management, route scheduling and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software now rolling out the Scot JCB team is confident it has found the right supplier capable of handling the nuances of its operation.  PODFather will replace Scot JCB’s incumbent technology with an intuitive planning system and smart phone app for improved visibility and control across its operation.

With PODFather we get the system flexibility, and reliable results, that we’ve been looking for from a software supplier.  We have been able to configure the system to meet the specific needs of our service engineer visits.  This was a huge plus point and something we’ve struggled with in the past. We are using PODFather to plan engineer routes, that includes both routine servicing, multi engineer visits and emergency call outs for which we must adhere to our strict service level agreement promises and we can now make informed decisions quickly which is great for our customers and our business.

What our clients say

The system frees up office time that was otherwise being spent answering delivery time inquiries. Customers now receive live tracking emails, along with the POD emailed to them, as soon as the delivery is made. It all saves time and gives a better service which, when dealing with busy restaurants is important.

IT Director | Bidfresh

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