System features

Our functionality-rich solution will help you with the end-to-end management of your logistics operation.  Advanced yet easy-to-use software, coupled with an expert team and first-class system support makes Podfather a great choice for your business.  

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Planning and optimisation

Our planning and optimisation software allows your jobs to be efficiently planned, and loads allocated, across your drivers and vehicles.  We help you deliver by optimising vehicle journeys that consider time windows, customer constraints and vehicle capacities.  We deliver peace of mind for you and your customers.
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Vehicle checks

Capture digital vehicle checks with ease using our driver app.  Ensure all your legally required vehicle checks are captured, logged, and stored before your drivers head out on the road.  Completing vehicle checks electronically ensures compliance, and allows maintenance to be immediately alerted to any defects, giving you accountability and control.  Drivers log in to the Podfather app (downloadable from the Google Play Store, and compatible with almost all Android smartphone and tablet devices) and are then prompted to complete their vehicle checks before they can start their work.
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Tracking and notifications

With our system, there is no need for fixed telematics technology.  Track your driver movements in real-time via our app.  Using location information automatically send customer ETAs and live tracking links via text or email.  Deal with delays in real-time, and empower your customers to track delivery progress.
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We will work with you to automate your proof of delivery processes. ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) means there are no paper tickets involved in the process of delivering goods or services to your customers.  You get peace of mind, real-time visibility and total control. Capture photos, signatures, and delivery confirmations as soon as it happens.   For those companies where visibility is key, our ePOD solution helps close the loop on all material movements, giving you accurate, and timely information about what items have been moved where.
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All our systems come with a standard suite of performance dashboards and reports.  Analyse results across your business, refine processes based on real life data and ultimately improve delivery performance across your operation.  You can export reported data using our API for additional analysis as required.  
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