Last mile delivery

Ensure drivers reach their destination on time every time, and in the most efficient way, with Podfather’s last-mile delivery software. Get last-mile delivery routes that are both cost-effective, resource-efficient AND meet customer time windows with ease.

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Getting your last-mile delivery operation right can have huge impacts on customer satisfaction and repeat business.  At a time when home delivery is booming to unprecedented levels, your delivery driver may be the only physical contact that a customer has with your organisation.  Plan and manage it well and your customer satisfaction scores will soar.  Plan last-mile deliveries badly and it can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

The benefits of using our last mile delivery solution

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Control costs

With Podfather you can control your costs. We make short work of producing time window efficient last mile delivery plans that make the best use of your vehicles.

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Customer satisfaction

Watch your customer satisfaction scores improve as you consistently plan and achieve your last-mile delivery promises.

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Get real-time visibility of your transport plans throughout the day. This enables you to deal with any issues and delays as soon as they occur.

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Save time

Save time using advanced last-mile delivery software; replace manual processes of old and get great results fast.

Feature highlights

Be confident

  • With Podfather you can optimise your last-mile delivery plans with our route optimisation tool to ensure you can meet your customer delivery preferences in the most cost-effective and resource-efficient way.

ETA notifications

  • Keeping customers informed about when their delivery is due is an essential part of the last mile experience.
  • With Podfather you can offer email notifications (text notifications are also available) and live tracking links, giving your customers real-time last mile delivery visibility.

Track drivers

  • Our app gives you the ability to track last-mile delivery progress in real-time. You don’t need expensive in-vehicle telematics, our app will allow you to track driver movements and monitor planned vs actual performance.
  • If there is a delay, issue, or missed drop, you can alert your customers immediately.

Further features

Customer notifications

Use the Podfather solution to send ETA communications, via text and email, to your customers.  Keep your customers informed in real-time, all the time.  

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Route optimisation

We can ensure that vehicle route plans are optimised, cost-effective, resource efficient and meet customer time window expectations. 

Route optimisation
Customer story

Forest Garden

Forest Garden

Forest Garden is a highly seasonal business, distributing garden timber products to homes and retailers nationwide.  The team needed a solution capable of streamlining workflows and capturing accurate proof of delivery information both during high volume peaks, and the lower season. 

Forest Garden use the Podfather system daily to manage route execution, track drivers and collect electronic proof of delivery across its nationwide home delivery operation. In addition, Forest Garden use the Podfather solution to automate its customer notifications process ensuring ETAs are sent directly to customers via email.  In addition, the real-time visibility and accountability that the system brings have enabled Forest Garden to review and optimise its operation further, using accurate real-time data that the Podfather driver app is collecting all day, every day to make informed business decisions.

Related features

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Make sure all necessary vehicle checks have been completed and logged before vehicles leave the depot or arrive on site.

Drivers log in to the Podfather app which runs on the most basic of smartphones and is available for both Android and iOS.  Using their handheld devices drivers capture all the necessary pre-departure vehicle check information required to help your fleet stay legal when out on the road.

Streamline your proof of delivery process.  Log and share job completion, scan barcodes, capture signatures and photographs.  

With ePOD you are removing the need for paper tickets.  If you are looking to streamline your processes, improve visibility across your operation and minimize costly delivery disputes this is the solution for you. 

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Reporting on actual performance helps our customers plan for the future.  Refine your planning parameters, customer drop times or service commitments based on what’s actually happening out on the road.  Share information with ease.