Logistics management

All details about your vehicles, vehicle types, weights and capacities, drivers, driver hours and start/end locations, etc are configured in the PODFather route optimisation and planning software system. Alerts can be set to help you keep on top of fleet maintenance.

Final mile optimisation

PODFather can generate and optimise your collection and delivery routes to ensure you hit time windows, whilst considering vehicle capacities, drive-time by road, and driver shift times amongst other constraints. The system can schedule over 100 jobs in less time than it’s taken you to read this paragraph!

Compare & adjust

Once routes have been created you can use our intuitive drag and drop map interface to move jobs between routes, and manually adjust by dragging jobs from the map onto or off a run as you require, with the route and vehicle constraints updated in real-time.

Unplanned jobs & constraints

Users can review all pre-planned routes in both detailed and map views. Any new or unplanned jobs, or planned jobs that may break any preset violations (like a time delivery window), will be clearly flagged making it a simple task to review which jobs and routes need more attention.

The benefits of using PODFather for route planning & optimisation:

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Efficiently plan jobs to minimise logistics costs – which can lead to massive bottom line savings for your business.

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Replacing old planning processes with an automated solution can save hours of admin time each day.

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Ensure customer satisfaction with a planning system that can optimise routes to hit delivery windows.

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Combined planning and live ePOD systems allow you to have real-time visibility of progress throughout the day.

Case Study: Reach Food Service

Reach Food Service, the London based premium foodservice operator, has implemented delivery management, route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery technology from PODFather.  With the Reach business experiencing a fourfold expansion in order volumes and customer deliveries, the management team needed a software system that was both easy to use and could offer unparalleled functionality, fast.  As a result, the Reach team turned to PODFather, the UK’s leading supplier of advanced cloud-based route planning, vehicle tracking and ePOD services. Read the full Reach Food Service case study.

With PODFather my team and I can be confident that our deliveries are optimised, our vehicles are tracked, our customers are receiving timely notifications via text and email.

Reach Foodservice plated meals

What our clients say

When we first introduced it there was some hesitancy across the business, from both management and drivers, but as our savings show its introduction has had a huge impact on the way we run our growing business. We now rely on it every day to create optimised routes for our drivers. This has made a significant difference as the system automatically handles customer delivery windows, opening times and access constraints which makes all our lives a lot easier.

Director | Braehead Foods

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