PODFather’s feature rich route optimisation solution allows users to upload jobs, plan routes, track real time route performance and report on route completion.  Here we take a closer look at some of the key route optimisation features and functionality that are available to all PODFather users as standard.

route optimisation software
  • Manage your vehicle, driver & delivery preference data
  • Uploading jobs via SFTP, API or manually
  • Manual route planning
  • Automated route planning
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Google map displays
  • Routing by regions
  • Adding late jobs to runs
  • Releasing jobs to drivers
  • Reporting on route planning performance

Managing your vehicle, driver & delivery preference data

When you set up route optimisation in PODFather you will need to input your vehicle and driver information as part of the onboarding process (find out more about getting started with PODFather).  Customer data is stored in your ERP or customer database but with PODFather you can manager your customer delivery expectations with ease. Make sure you adhere to customer time window preferences, select whether your customers want deliveries on certain days or on multiple days each week. 

“With PODFather we have a one stop shop solution that does everything from assist with job booking and route optimisation through to managing customer communications and invoicing.  It really is an impressive piece of software that is supported by an extremely helpful and knowledgeable team.” Steve Myall, Operations Director, Select Transport

Select Transport lorry

Uploading jobs via SFTP, API or manually

Your job information can be uploaded into the PODFather system automatically, via SFTP or API, or manually (automatically is best).  Find out more about integrating with PODFather or review our API information.  Once your jobs are uploaded in the system you can manually plan your routes or use our generate runs feature.

route optimisation software

Manual route planning

In PODFather you can manually plan your routes by dragging and dropping jobs onto vehicles.  Build your routes one job at a time or group and add jobs in bulk.  You can click jobs from the Jobs List, onto the PODFather route planning Runs List and get instant visibility of what vehicles are going where.  The PODFather system parameters will ensure you meet customer time windows, weight restrictions and driving time constraints.

“Compared to previous routing systems we’ve tried, we now have a more accurate and improved visual display, giving us a detailed overview of the planned delivery routes and drops. The sales and logistics teams can compare runs and provide real-time ETA notifications to our customers.” Chris Sweeney, Logistics Manager, Bott Ltd

Man walking towards van with tools inside

Automated route planning

PODFather’s generate runs feature will enable you to automate your route planning and optimisation process.  Once your jobs are uploaded into the system click generate runs and let our advanced algorithm create you a series of cost effective and resource efficient routes in a matter of seconds.  Our route optimisation technology will automatically take customer delivery preferences, time window restriction, vehicle capacity and available driving time into the route planning process, giving you a set of optimised routes that you can then review prior to sharing with your drivers.

route optimisation software

Drag & drop functionality.

PODFather’s route planning user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.  Using Windows-style drag and drop functionality you can move jobs between routes quickly and easily.  Each section of the route planning system – jobs list, runs list, map etc. – can be resized and re positioned giving you the ability to set your route optimisation screen up just the way you like it.

“With PODFather my team and I can be confident that our deliveries are optimised, our vehicles are tracked, our customers are receiving timely notifications via text and email, and that we, as a transport team are collecting all our proof of delivery notifications with ease.” Abbas Lalljee, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Reach Foodservice

Reach Foodservice plated meals

Google Map Displays

As part of our suite of route optimisation functionality all users get a Google map planning screen.  Visualize jobs on the map, review individual routes, compare multiple route schedules, and drag and drop jobs between different route plans to see the mileage implications for your business.  The map works like any other google map, enabling you to zoom in and out to see the level of detail that you need to get the route planning job done.

PODFather planning screen

Routing by Regions

We understand that some of our customers want to send certain work to certain geographical areas on certain days.  Therefore, the ability to route by regions is available to all users, as standard.  You can create regions based on selected postcode configurations, and then plan accordingly.  Different regions are easily visible, using different colour markers, and can be viewed, and reviewed, as part of your route optimisation process. 

“PODFather is a fantastic system.  We now rely on it every day to create optimised routes for our drivers.  This has made a significant difference as the system automatically handles customer delivery windows, opening times and access constraints which makes all our lives a lot easier.” Andy Clark, Director, Braehead Foods

Braehead Foods Depot aerial shot with vans

Adding late jobs to a run

In PODFather you can plan your routes, but then edit them, right up until the point that the driver logs into their handheld device to start work for the day.  You can add or remove jobs on a run or change the job order right up until the last moment.  This is a handy feature if you have to deal, and add, last minute jobs to your routes.

Releasing jobs to drivers

Once you have planned your routes in PODFather you can release them automatically to drivers with one click.  You no longer need to print paper manifests that might get lost or damaged while out on the road, you push the confirmed route plans to the PODFather app which each driver will have downloaded onto their handheld device.  The PODFather app (available in both Android and iOS versions) runs on the most basic of smartphone and enables drivers to capture vehicle checks, receive route instructions, track vehicle movements, and capture electronic proof of delivery, with all information shared with the cloud-based back-office system in real time.

“With the PODFather system in place we can optimise the routes we are running, track progress in real time, and capture electronic proof of delivery information without having to rely on the use of paper tickets.  As a result of changing our working practices we’ve saved a huge amount of admin time and seen our On Time in Full performance improve by over 12%.” Dave Fletcher, Operations Manager, Trimline

Trimline Group delivery van

Reporting on route planning performance

One your route plans have been executed you can use the information collected by your PODFather planning system to review how your fleet is performing.  Look at On Time In Full (OTIF) reports, job analysis and job performance reports.  In addition, all PODFather users get access to a suite of business management reports as standard. All data can be reviewed in the system and exported in pdf format for ease of sharing with others in the business. 

PODFather Job Performance Screen

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