PODFather’s ePOD driver tracking features include:


PODFather tracks driver location using GPS information from the smartphone device. This replaces this need for costly in-vehicle telematics technology which limits your visibility if you ever need to hire in vehicles or outsource work to subcontractors.

1 minute updates

The tracking system records and transmits location data, by default, every minute the driver is logged in and stops tracking when they log out at the end of their shift.

Date/time stamps

The PODFather system will automatically date/time and location stamp all completed jobs. This information is submitted straight back to the backoffice system in real time and archived alongside all other completed job details (e.g. customer name and signature).

Office tracking screen

The back office tracking screen will display all drivers that are logged in, their snail trail of movements for each day, and overlay planned routes to give a real-time view of progress and OTIF (On Time In Full) statistics for each driver, each day.

The benefits of using PODFather for vehicle tracking:

Delivery van with tracking icon

Track your drivers without the need for fixed vehicle telematics – this is all done from a smartphone.

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Tracking from the smartphone allows you to offer a consistent delivery experience to your customers, regardless of which vehicle is being used for the delivery.

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Keep track of all drivers and job status information in real time, with ETAs adjusted throughout the day.

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Tracking starts when drivers log into their handheld & stops when they logout; ideal for tracking third-party drivers.

Case Study: Trimline

Trimline, the leading supplier of tiling products and solutions is seeing the real time benefits of introducing PODFather’s route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery software to its UK distribution operation.  Known for its company commitment to exceptional customer care, the Trimline team wanted a software solution that would help them deliver greater access to quality tile products and quicker response time for customers, whatever the project scale.  With PODFather now in place the Trimline team is seeing the benefit of having real time fleet visibility and performance reporting.  As a result of the data that PODFather collects, Trimline has been able to dramatically increase its On Time in Full (OTIF) delivery performance by over 12%. Read the full Trimline case study.

One of the biggest benefits of introducing PODFather is that we now have real time visibility of what’s going on out on the road.

Trimline Group delivery van
PODFather delivery tracking screen on monitor
PODFather’s delivery tracking solution

What our clients say

The best part is that we have full visibility of the drivers, since the system is phone based our tracking is not limited to certain vehicles with fixed trackers. As long as the driver has their phone on them – which they always do – we know their exact position, and we can even track it all the way back to when the system was first implemented, which is an unexpected benefit.

Head of Transport | Berkmann

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