Start of day checks

Vehicle checks can be enforced for drivers to complete before they can start their jobs each day.

Defect recording

Any defects are logged by the driver and sent instantly to your transport manager to review along with photos of the recorded defects.

Permanent archive

All vehicle check information is archived in your PODFather account. Defect tags make it easy to filter and sort information as and when required.

Roadside inspections

All vehicle checks can be retrieved electronically by the driver in case they are stopped for a roadside inspection and need to produce evidence of daily defect inspections being carried out.

The benefits of using PODFather for capturing your vehicle checks:

application icon

Replacing paper vehicle checks with an electronic system saves admin time each day and is more environmentally friendly.

delivery on way icon

The system ensures drivers have completed checks before they start work each day with defects instantly reported to your transport manager.

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Capture walk around safety inspection information with ease, and photos are added for extra information.


Store all information in your central PODFather system for ease of reporting.

What our clients say

We added a vehicle check before drivers leave our depot which also significantly reduces the amount of paperwork they need to handle. Therefore, delivery times/windows are re-calculated when the driver is ready to leave thus ensuring the ‘window’ to the customers is as accurate as possible.

Managing Director | Sternfenster Window Systems

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