PODFather’s proof of delivery reporting features include:

Standard report suite

Our standard suite of reports comes with your PODFather system. You can report on a range of KPIs, such as On Time In Full stats across your entire business, and analysed by depot, customer and driver. All data in the system can be also exported to produce reports using 3rd party reporting tools.

Bespoke reporting

Bespoke reports can be built for you by our development team (charges may apply).

Easy to export & share

Our reports can be exported in CSV and PDF formats for ease of sharing with others within your business. Our API can also be used to extract data.

Live dashboards

In addition to static, end of day reports, we offer live interactive dashboards which allow you to review KPI information in real time and set up large display monitors in your office to automatically cycle through reports and keep your team informed of progress on the day.

The benefits of using PODFather for buisness performance reporting:

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Make informed business decisions based on clearly reported results.

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Share your performance reports with others within the business.

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Customised reports can be created to cater for your bespoke reporting needs.

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Data exports through the API allows logistics data to be merged with other business system data.

Case study: Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS)

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals, consumables, and distribution partner for COVID-19 vaccine freezer deliveries across the country has selected PODFather’s route planning and electronic proof of delivery software.  PODFather is helping SLS to eradicate paper tickets and streamline processes across its UK delivery operation.  PODFather has introduced route planning, automated vehicle checks, delivery tracking, customer notification and ePOD to this operation which sees vehicles making timed deliveries to academic, healthcare and research facilitates across the country.  With PODFather in place the SLS team has real time visibility and accurate end of day reporting for all its vehicle movements.  Read the full story about Scientific Laboratory Supplies.

The PODFather solution has slotted into our business infrastructure relatively easily and within a matter of weeks we’ve been able to roll the system out across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Scientific Laboratory Services delivery van
PODFather Job Performance Screen
PODFather’s route planning & ePOD reporting functionality.

What our clients say

The real benefit comes from receiving the job sheets back into the office the same day that the job is complete. Previously the engineers posted them back to head office once a week. Each job sheet can be worth anywhere between a hundred to several thousand pounds, so this is a huge improvement to our cash flow and it also enables us to analyse our reports and follow up with customers faster.

Service Director | Powermaster

Let us show you what we can do!

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