Multi drop route planning

Our easy to use planning solution will allow you to create multi-drop route plans quickly and easily.  Once job information has been uploaded you can use Podfather’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature to create routes manually, or use our generate runs algorithm to build smart, efficient multi-drop routes in a matter of seconds.

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Our engine will build routes that automatically adhere to any customer constraints or time window preferences.  When routes are generated and released to your drivers, accurate ETA notifications are calculated and issued to your customers with live tracking links for real-time job status updates.   With PODFather you can be confident that your multi-drop routes are cost-effective, time efficient and accurate.

The benefits of using our multi drop route planning

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Paper free

Eradicate paper tickets from your multi-drop route planning process which will speed the flow of information across your business.

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Cut costs

Reduce administration time across your business. Speeding up accounts and customer service processes will reduce the timely administration needed to achieve results.

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Better vehicle utilisation

Build cost and time-efficient routes, that make the best use of your vehicle fleet, quickly and easily.

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Great results

Ensure that all your multi drop route plans are time efficient, cost effective and meet customer time window preferences on time, every time.

Feature highlights

Manual or automated

  • Once you have uploaded job information into PODFather you can use our manual drag & drop functionality to create your routes.
  • See all route parameters in table and map form as you build your multi drop routes.

Customer constraints

  • We will automatically take account of any customer time window or delivery particularities as part of the multi-drop routing process ensuring you build routes that are cost-effective, time efficient and achievable.

Automated planning

  • You can automatically generate multi-drop runs using PODFather’s advanced routing algorithms.
  • Upload your job information and click generate runs. Multi-drop routes will be produced in seconds.

Further features

Route optimisation

If you want to optimise routes daily, manage fixed routes, or use a tool to manually compare or build route plans, Podfather has the functionality for you.

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Customer story



Trimline wanted a software solution that would help them deliver greater access to quality tile products and quicker response time for customers, whatever the project scale.  

Trimline uses the Podfather system to plan multi-drop delivery routes, collect vehicle check data and send job information to drivers.  The Trimline team is seeing the benefit of having real-time fleet visibility and performance reporting.  As a result of the data that PODFather collects, Trimline has been able to dramatically increase its On Time in Full (OTIF) delivery performance by over 12%.

Related features

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Make sure all necessary vehicle checks have been completed and logged before vehicles leave the depot or arrive on site.

Drivers log in to the Podfather app which runs on the most basic of smartphones and is available for both Android and iOS.  Using their handheld devices drivers capture all the necessary pre-departure vehicle check information required to help your fleet stay legal when out on the road.   

Monitor progress against the plan in real time using our app.  Automatically send customer notifications via text or email.

We track via our Driver app so there is no need for costly third-party telematics.  We’ll give you live tracking updates on the day and your customers benefit too with a range of notification features and live tracking links available as standard. 

Streamline your proof of delivery process.  Log and share job completion, scan barcodes, capture signatures and photographs.  

With ePOD you are removing the need for paper tickets.  If you are looking to streamline your processes, improve visibility across your operation and minimize costly delivery disputes this is the solution for you. 

Use our reporting options to review and refine business performance.  Includes On Time In Full (OTIF) reports and dashboards. 

Reporting on actual performance helps our customers plan for the future.  Refine your planning parameters, customer drop times or service commitments based on what’s actually happening out on the road.  Share information with ease.