Safer Internet Day, 6th February 2024

06 Feb 2024
Safer Internet Day

Today, 6th February 2024, is Safer Internet Day, a day designed to raise awareness of safer and better internet for all.  What first stated in 2004 has grown beyond it’s original geographic zone and is now celebrated in around 190 counties and territories worldwide.

Here at Podfather we adhere to strict security protocols.  We are an ISO 27001 certified company, something of which we are very proud.  ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised best practice framework for setting up and managing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It proves that the accredited company has the right processes and procedures in place to handle a wide range of secure information assets. In short, ISO 27001 accredited companies are renowned for providing a best-in-class ISMS for the maintenance and control of information entrusted by third parties, in this case, Podfather’s customer base.

We take the time to ensure that all staff are aware of how to keep our business safe when working online.  Here we look at some of the training and best practice standards that make part of our day to day working lives here at Podfather.

Regular Training

We have a fantastic Information Security team.  If you are going to go to the trouble of getting ISO certified (and for a company such as ours ISO 27001 is essential and something your suppliers should really adhere to) then you need to keep on top of the latest standards and protocols. Here at Podfather our internal team put all staff through their paces regularly throughout the year.  But it doesn’t have to be hard work!  Our team uses fun, interactive training modules to ensure that even the most stringent safety standards are understood.  We have regular quizzes that ensure our knowledge is kept up to date.

Phishing simulations

This is a great way of testing how much your team has taken on board. We have a program of phishing attempt simulations that put teams through their paces. Even the most eagle-eyed of folk can fall foul of a rogue email, random web link, or document download attempt from what can appear as the most legitimate of sources. Our Internal Security team works with staff to train everyone on what to look for.  We run periodic internal tests to check that procedures are being put into practice. As part of our ISMS, we have tools that enable us to keep track of phishing attempts, block suspicious messages and keep our business as safe as possible.

Business culture

Information security is not a tick box exercise.  It’s not something you can do once and then leave.  It’s a living breathing thing; at least it is for companies that take data and online security seriously.  But the content doesn’t have to be dry and hard for teams to digest.  There are plenty of resources available to help you chunk training up in ways that are both engaging and informative. 

About Podfather

What started as a technical dream at the turn of the millennium has grown into a multimillion-pound business developing and delivering clever software solutions to logistics and construction companies around the UK and Europe.

We are a business that puts our team first – culture, well-being, flexible working, and supported career development are at the heart of everything we do.  Add to that our generous package, a fantastic client list and an amazing team of people there is a lot for us to be proud of.