Podfather celebrates the successful completion of its ISO information security audit

01 Jul 2024
Information Security

Podfather is celebrating the successful completion of its latest ISO 27001 audit.  Having held ISO 27001 status since 2019, the company’s ability to retain certification is a testament to the security procedures and practices that are now second nature to all Podfather team members.

This year’s audit was the first headed up by Podfather’s new information security manager, a key business hire in 2024 reflecting the importance of maintaining not just good, but great, information security standards across the business. 

The audit itself involved a detailed deep dive into business policies and procedures.  “We are delighted to have retained our ISO 27001 certification again, as it really is THE certification to have in place if you want to show that security is part of your company culture and business practices,” comments Colin McCreadie, Podfather’s Managing Director.  “It takes real commitment from both our information security team and the wider business as a whole to retain such a well-regarded accolade.”

What is ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised best practice framework for setting up and managing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It proves that the accredited company has the right processes and procedures in place to handle a wide range of secure information assets. In short, ISO 27001 accredited companies are renowned for providing a best-in-class ISMS for the maintenance and control of information entrusted by third parties, in this case, Podfather’s customer base.

The importance of ISO 27001 in your software partner selection process

Five years ago Podfather started its ISO journey, gaining its first certification.  Here’s why we see it as an essential credential for a software supplier working in the logistics space.

  1. Trust: You can trust an ISO 27001 accredited supplier to have taken the required steps, and put the necessary procedures in place, to maintain data security.
  2. Continued improvement: Once you have attained ISO 27001 status there is an ongoing program of work that is required to ensure that you successfully pass each audit.  Therefore companies who hold this accreditation show commitment to continuous improvement.
  3. Security: The ISO 27001 status shows that the company takes a risk focused approach to run its business.
  4. Commitment: Attaining and retaining ISO 27001 status is no easy feat and shows that a business, such as Podfather, is willing to invest the time and resources to maintain its accreditation.
  5. Compliance: If you take data security seriously then you should look to work with suppliers who share the same business ethos. The ISO 127001 status shows that a company complies with strict guidelines, including GDPR and PECR regulations.

“Our ISO 27001 certification shows that we mean business when it comes to information security,” adds McCreadie.