7 May 2020

Andrews Excavations, the family run business running aggregate deliveries, waste recycling and tipper operations out of its East London headquarters, is rolling PODFather’s electronic waste ticketing solution out across its operation.  With a fleet of over 100 vehicles operating on construction sites across the South East of England, Andrews Excavations needed an advanced, yet easy to use, solution to replace its historically paper-based processes.  PODFather is now relied upon across the fleet to track vehicle movements and collect electronic proof of delivery notifications.  As a result, Andrews Excavations is on the road to phasing out paper tickets across its growing business.

“PODFather is enabling us to eradicate paper tickets from our operation for good,” comments Patrick McGinley, Project Lead at Andrews Excavations.  “With the system in place we can manage our loads more efficiency and get real time visibility of what is going on where throughout the operation.  This has been a game changer for the whole team here at Andrews Excavations.”

PODFather is enabling us to eradicate paper tickets from our operation for good.

All drivers now use the PODFather app, which can be installed on even the most basic of smartphone.  The app enables the transport team to upload job information directly to drivers, track actual vehicle movements in real time and collect proof of delivery notifications instantaneously.  This has revolutionised internal business processes and has removed the reliance on the return of paper tickets for job completion and invoicing.  

“The PODFather app is intuitive and easy to use which has helped in getting it rolled out across all our drivers,” adds McGinley.  “In construction things can change quickly but PODFather gives us both the visibility and information we need to cope with change and still maintain efficiency at the same time.  It really is a great system for streamlining construction load planning.”

“Andrews Excavations is a great example of how the use of PODFather can eradicate paper tickets from a construction business for good,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather.  “We’ve worked closely with the team at Andrews Excavations to ensure that the lessons we’ve learned with our nationwide construction clients are applied to this very successful family-run business.  We look forward to helping the team banish paper tickets, and the headaches they bring, for good.”