PODFather’s multi drop route planning features include:

Manual multi drop route planning

Once you have uploaded job information into PODFather you can use our manual drag & drop functionality to create your routes. See all route parameters in table and map form as you build your multi drop routes.

Automated multi drop route creation

You can automatically generate multi drop runs using PODFather’s advanced routing algorithms. Upload your job information and click generate runs. Multi drop routes will be produced in seconds.

Customer constraints & delivery preferences

PODFather will automatically take account of any customer time window or delivery particularities as part of the multi drop routing process ensuring you build routes that are cost effective, time efficient and achievable.

Share with your drivers

Once you have planned your multi drop routes in PODFather you can share them electronically with your drivers by sending them to the handheld devices. Drivers just need to log into our free app to retrieve all job information for a particular day.

The benefits of using PODFather’s Multi Drop Route Planning

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Eradicate paper tickets from your multi drop route planning process which will speed the flow of information across your business.

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Build cost and time efficient routes, that make the best use of your vehicle fleet, quickly and easily.

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Reduce administration time across your business. Speeding up accounts and customer service processes will reduce timely administration needed to achieve results.

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Ensure that all your multi drop route plans are time efficient, cost effective and meet customer time window preferences on time, every time.

Multi Drop Case Study: Marrfish

Marrfish, the frozen fish and seafood specialist, has selected PODFather’s multi drop route planning and electronic proof of delivery system to help streamline its new home delivery operation.  With a long history of delivering fresh quality fish to the hospitality and restaurant trade, this year has seen the Marrfish team take its service to the next level with the introduction of a UK wide home delivery service.  With 16 vehicles delivering to over 700 trade and home customers located around the country Marrfish needed a proven software solution that could help the team scale up its service quickly and efficiently.  PODFather’s long history of servicing the food delivery industry, and its proven results, made it clear choice for the Marrfish team. Read the full Marrfish case study.

Marrfish delivery van and driver planned by PODFather

For more information on PODFather’s multi stop route planning capabilities please visit the following pages:

What our clients say

We’ve already seen the short-term benefits of using PODFather within the company; reduced paperwork, reduced admin and time savings. Outside of the company, we have satisfied the customer need for a faster process; giving them confidence, visibility and an improved service.

Logistics Manager | Bott Ltd

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