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See why distribution fleet operators across a wide range of industries use PODFather to help simplify the complex process of planning and managing their distribution operation. Eradicate paper tickets, control costs, and improve customer experience with easy-to-use technology that delivers real results fast.

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PODFather’s last mile delivery features include:

Optimise your routes

With PODFather you can optimise your last mile delivery plans with our route optimisation tool to ensure you can meet your customer delivery preferences in the most cost effective and resource efficient way.

Offer time windows with confidence

When planning your last mile deliveries with PODFather you can confidently offer customers time windows that you know you can achieve. Be on time, every time with our accurate route planning.

Issue customer ETA notifications

Keeping customers informed about when their delivery is due is an essential part of the last mile experience. With PODFather you can offer email notifications (text notifications are also available) and live tracking links, giving your customers real time last mile delivery visibility.

Track vehicle movements in real time

The PODFather driver app gives you the ability to track last mile delivery progress in real time. You don’t need expensive in-vehicle telematics, our app will allow you to track driver movements and monitor planned vs actual performance. If there is a delay, issue, or a missed drop, you can alert your customers immediately.

The benefits of using PODFather for last mile delivery:

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With PODFather you can control your costs. PODFather makes short work of producing time window efficient last mile delivery plans that makes best use of your vehicles.

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Watch your customer satisfaction scores improve as you consistently plan and achieve your last mile delivery promises.

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Get real time visibility of your transport plans throughout the day. This enables you to deal with any issues and delays as soon as they occur.

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Save time using advanced last mile delivery software; replace manual processes of old and get great results fast.

Go Paperless with PODFather

The introduction of PODFather will help you eradicate paper tickets for good. You will get faster, more efficient route planning, real time route visibility, you’ll improve customer experience with ETA notifications & tracking updates, and you’ll get real time electronic proof of delivery. Get in touch with us to day to find out more.

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Last Mile Delivery Case Study: Oddbox

ODDBOX, food-waste-fighting fruit & veg box delivery scheme, is responsible for rescuing over 6,440 tonnes of surplus fruit and vegetables directly from farms since 2016.  Products are collected, checked, and packaged up ready for delivery to customer homes across London and the Southeast of England.  Having just celebrated it is one millionth box delivery, and with ambitious growth plans, the ODDBOX team realised they needed support from a last mile delivery management and ePOD system partner to help optimise and manage customer deliveries.

ODDBOX fruit and vegetable box delivery planned by PODFather

“Customer experience is absolutely key for us, so at a time when order volumes are increasing it was important for us to get the right software solution in place to help us manage our operation” comments Drew Hutchinson, Logistics and Supply Chain Co-ordinator at Oddbox.  “PODFather’s reputation within the food delivery industry, plus its ease of use and integration capability made it the obvious choice and we look forward to working with the team on the swift roll out of our new ePOD solution.”

The ODDBOX team will use PODFather to plan collect vehicle checks, track deliveries, issue customer ETA notifications and collect electronic proof of delivery information.  Read the full case study.

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