Job template

Job templates can be quickly configured in PODFather to replicate almost any existing paper forms; from simple delivery notes to complex asset inspection forms.

API upload

Integrate PODFather with your existing systems using REST API web services or EDI. Jobs can be uploaded unallocated or pre-routed, and PODs downloaded as soon as they’ve been completed.

Manual entry

Not got an existing system? No problem, PODFather provides a back office solution which lets your office staff enter jobs on either a one-off or recurring basis.

Customer portal

PODFather includes a customer portal which can be added to your own website for your own clients to enter jobs, saving you time and improving your service.

The benefits of using PODFather for Job Management:

file icon

Job information can be automatically uploaded into PODFather via our API

setting icon

Job templates can be configured to suit bespoke requirements

collective icon

Streamline your job management process, no more paper job sheets

vision icon

Increase visibility by storing all job details in the PODFather job management system

What our clients say

In the past many of our processes were manual. We had some system automation, but functionality was restricted. With PODFather we have a one stop shop solution that does everything from assist with job booking and route optimisation through to managing customer communications and invoicing. It really is an impressive piece of software that is supported by an extremely helpful and knowledgeable team.

Operations Director | Select Transport

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