Site material management

Sites are set up with waste materials (inc EWC codes) available for collection or delivery managed at the point of booking, ensuring all material and tip details are correct. Nothing is left to a handwritten ticket.

Logistics management

PODFather allows bulk logistics management of construction material and earthworks movements to be made on a per load or shift allocation basis as required for each booking you need to manage. The planning system is quick and simple to use, allowing you to make the most efficient use of your resources.

Internal & external movements

The system can be used for tracking material off site as well as internal zone-to-zone movements using the PODFather mobile app that can run on almost all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Drivers can be assigned single loads or complete bookings to permit them to work as directed within the constraints set against sites and materials.

Closed loop audit trail & archive

With PODFather you have a complete audit trail showing you exactly what material has been moved from A to B, who moved it, and when. Everything is backed up with automatic timestamp and GPS data from the mobile app. All completed tickets are immediately archived in PODFather.

The benefits of using PODFather for planning & managing waste & material movements:

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Improve office efficiency with a centralised booking and logistics management system.

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Reduce fleet costs through improved logistics planning and real time management.

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Improve customer service through real time ETA and ePOD updates.

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Accelerate cash flow through real time ticketing, no lost tickets, and invoice system integration.

What our clients say

Once our tippers are out on the road, we can use PODFather to keep track of who and what is moving where. This real time visibility makes it so much easier when we need to move loads between vehicles or make sudden alterations to our schedules. We can make changes without having to spend hours on the phone or churning through piles of paper tickets. It will speed up invoicing too as jobs are completed, and proof of delivery recorded instantly.

Transport Manager | Ashvale Haulage

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