PODFather’s Earthworks ticketing app software features include:

Driver app

The PODFather mobile app is easy to use, displays the jobs your drivers need to complete in the order planned, prompts the driver to complete them properly, and ensures all essential information to be captured in a user friendly and intuitive app.


Muckaway collections are processed with a simple workflow that ensures all duty of care information is captured by the driver, with a closed loop process that tracks the materials and waste from the collection to tip site. Individual loads or repeat, turnaround bookings can be allocated to drivers with all options set in the office when the booking is created.

Aggregate deliveries

Aggregate deliveries follow a workflow from the quarry to the delivery site. Quarry weighbridge data can be captured, as can waiting time before the customer signs to receive the delivery. Photos can be added where extra evidence is required.

Instant updates

Completed tickets for all material movements are sent from the driver app to the back office in real time. Customers are emailed copies instantly too, ensuring lost tickets become a thing of the past.

The benefits of using the PODFather Earthworks Ticketing system:

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Reduce admin costs and errors by going paperless with the PODFather electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system.

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Significantly less admin time required to manage load orders and vehicle movements.

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Our system ensures duty of care regulations are enforced for material movements.

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Massive improvement in ticket accuracy as information captured is not based on handwritten tickets.

Case Study: Caulfield Contractors

Caulfield Contractors, part of the Link Group of companies shaping the UK civil engineering landscape, is realising the benefit of introducing PODFather’s proof of delivery solution to the M1 smart motorway project.  With nine gangs and over 60 vehicles working on this high-profile project, Caulfield needed a solution it could rely on to bring visibility, traceability and accountability to its operation.  The PODFather system is used daily to manage job allocation, vehicle tracking, and proof of delivery for the fleet, with each vehicle handling multiple loads of muck away and aggregate every day. Read the full Caulfield Contractors story.

With paper tickets you are operating with minimal visibility of what’s going on out on site.  This is where the PODFather system allows us to excel.

Caulfield Contractors image
PODFather new booking screen
PODFather Earthworks Booking screen

What our clients say

The PODFather electronic proof of delivery system is excellent; it’s intuitive and easy to use and has been successfully rolled out across 1,900 vehicles, 4,000 Tarmac staff and 5,400 drivers. The introduction of ePOD technology is a first for Tarmac, and the PODFather team has been a great support to us during this period of business process transformation. The PODFather solution is helping us to lead the way in our industry; in this case by being the first construction materials company to successfully adopt a carbon-friendly, paperless ePOD business processes on a national scale.

Tarmac Connect Project Manager | Tarmac

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