Job booking

Allow your customers to book jobs through your website with our portal that can be fully branded and colour coded to look like an extension of your own site.

Jobs in progress

The PODFather portal shows your customers all jobs currently in progress, along with their current ETA and driver location.

POD archive

The customer portal POD archive allows your customers to download copies of historical PODs, helping to resolve queries and invoice disputes before they begin.

Portal access, free of charge

Our customer portal will show all job information, including items, date, reference, status – as standard. Portal access is made available to all our customers at no extra charge.

The benefits of using the PODFather customer portal:


Allow your customers to place orders directly via your website.

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Customers can get real time visibility of their job status, without having to call you.

customer review icon

Reduce inbound customer service calls & watch satisfaction scores soar.

Cloud software security

Flexible portal configuration for ease of use and integration into your business.

What our clients say

The people I’ve spoken to are pleased. Especially waste brokers because they’re able to answer enquiries from customers instantly now thanks to the Customer Portal. Drivers are happy because it’s easier and quicker, which allows them to do more jobs in a day, and thanks to things like route optimisation and live reports, they can stay one step ahead at all times.

Sales & Logistics Manager | Andigestion

Get in touch

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