PODFather’s bulk logistics planning software includes:

Logistics management

All details about your vehicles, vehicle types, weights and capacities, drivers, hauliers, waste carrier licenses, etc are configured in the PODFather system. Alerts can be set to help you keep on top of fleet maintenance.

Load planning

With our Bulk Load Allocation system you will be able to manage bulk material bookings and plan deliveries onto either individual loads or turnaround profiles depending on how you need to manage your fleet.

Drag & drop technology

The allocation process is swift thanks to a drag and drop system to allocate loads to vehicles, which automatically calculates the turnaround time for each movement and quantity of material being delivered on each vehicle.

Real time updates

“Plans are useless, planning is indispensable” Dwight D. Eisenhower. At PODFather, we know the plans you made yesterday can rapidly change today which is why our Load Allocation system allows you to react and reschedule loads in real-time, quickly and easily.

The benefits of using PODFather for bulk logistics planning:

Collective icon

The system is quick to use and can save admin time in the office each day. The planning system can be shared across multiple users to replace old whiteboards, spreadsheet and paper planning systems.

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The system automatically calculates the time required to complete each load so helps plan the number of loads each driver can do each day and help reduce your fleet costs.

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Real time visibility of driver progress throughout the day makes more efficient use of the fleet without chasing the driver for updates, and helps you keep customers informed without lots of chasing phone calls.

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Live updates to the planning screens allow you to get planned vs. actual comparisons as they happen throughout the day.

Case Study: Andrews Excavations

Andrews Excavations, the family run business running aggregate deliveries, waste recycling and tipper operations out of its East London headquarters, is rolling PODFather’s electronic waste ticketing solution out across its operation.  With a fleet of over 100 vehicles operating on construction sites across the South East of England, Andrews Excavations needed an advanced, yet easy to use, solution to replace its historically paper-based processes.  PODFather is now relied upon across the fleet to track vehicle movements and collect electronic proof of delivery notifications.  As a result, Andrews Excavations is on the road to phasing out paper tickets across its growing business. Read the full Andrews Excavations case study.

PODFather is enabling us to eradicate paper tickets from our operation for good. In construction things can change quickly but PODFather gives us both the visibility and information we need to cope with change and still maintain efficiency at the same time.  It really is a great system for streamlining construction load planning.

Andrews Excavation vehicles on site
Bulk logistics planning
PODFather’s Bulk Logistics Planning Solution.

What our clients say

With the system in place we can manage our loads more efficiency and get real time visibility of what is going on where throughout the operation. This has been a game changer for the whole team here at Andrews Excavations.

Project Lead | Andrews Excavations

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