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Healthcare Solutions

Helping you manage your mobile workforce and track assets

While doing it faster, cheaper & better than before

  GP Portal

Jobs are booked into the system at the collection site using the PODFather web portal. Updates on asset movements are given in real-time so the originating site knows where their consignment is, and when it is complete.

GS1 barcodes

The system generates a GS1 standard barcode label which is scanned to track the chain of custody from collection to delivery.


The portal gives customers access to their planned collection schedules, so they know when the porters are due to arrive.

Integrating PODFather into the business has been a great success and we now use the system for both transport management, and helping us secure new major contracts.

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Warehouse One

GP Web Portal

PODFather includes a portal which allows the collection sites - often GP clinics - to book items in for collection by your porter teams.

  Job Creation
API upload

Integrate PODFather with your existing systems using web services or EDI. Jobs can be uploaded unallocated or pre-routed, and PODs downloaded as soon as they've been completed.

Manual booking

Not got an existing system? No problem, PODFather provides a backoffice solution which lets your office staff enter jobs on either a one-off or recurring basis.

Customer portal

PODFather includes a customer portal which can be added to your own website for your own clients to enter jobs, saving you time and improving your service.

We selected the PODFather because it offered all the functionality we required to replace our existing systems along with additional features like tracking, route scheduling and ETA notifications to our customers all within a single integrated solution.

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Rico Group


Our customers usually only need one but having the option of all 3 is nice.

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  Asset Tracking
Patient records

PODFather has been designed to track patient record bags from clinics to hospitals with an audit trail of all movements from booking to delivery.

Mail bags

Mail bags can be tracked using the same system and porter teams, allowing you to centralise mail colelction and delivery points and reduce postal charges.


Other asset types can be tracked using the same solution, such as patient samples and hospital equipment using GS1 standards for asset and site locations.

We were amazed at the speed which the team at PODFather understood our business requirements and converted them into a solution.

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Managing Director

NWC Group

Asset tracking

Patient records, mail bags, samples, equipment, and other asset types can be tracked using PODFather

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  Route Planning

Automatically or manually schedule jobs (auto is best!) across your resources - fleet/drivers/engineers - according to customer SLAs, skills and vehicle contraints.


Routing algorithms can optimise your daily workloads to hit time delivery windows, whilst considering vehicle capacities, drive-time by road, driver shift time and breaks.

Dynamic updates

ETAs of all jobs are updated throughout the day to help you keep on top of the work in progress, and schedule ad-hoc sameday work to those best placed to deal with it.

The PODFather system has allowed our business to take on 23% more business last year with no increase in resources required.

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Igloo Thermo Logistics


Our routing algorithms are fast and smart, helping you make the best use of your time whilst managing your distribution costs.

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Customer ETAs

Send customers a live tracking email with their delivery time window and driver location.

Email PODs

PODFather can send a copy of the POD, customised to replicate your existing paperwork, to your client as soon as the delivery is made.

Office updates

Job ETAs are recalculated throughout the day, alerting you in advance if we predict any job is going to miss its timeslot. This allows you to give better customer service by dealing with problems before they occur.

I recommend the system to any organisation wanting to ensure they deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Operations Director

Berry Bros & Rudd


No one likes waiting around for a delivery and with PODFather you can tell your customers when their delivery will be made.

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Real-time tracking

Monitor your operators using our mobile/smartphone application via GPS.

Safe driving visibility

On compatible handsets, speed information is sent back to the back-office, with each tracking point having a speed value attached.

Job Completion Order & Status

If your business relies on accurate and timely collections and deliveries based on your routing, keep track of successful completions at a glance.

Being able to keep track of all of our drivers at any given point allows us to quickly make decisions on suitability for ad-hoc jobs. This is extremely helpful to us.

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Transport Manager

Changeworks Recycling


Our tracking system updates the location of your drivers every minute all from their smartphone or tablet - no fixed telematics are required.

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  Driver App
Smartphone, tablet, rugged

The PODFather app runs on a variety of device form factors from smartphones and tablets, to enterprise rugged handhelds. Almost all Android devices are compatible.

Signatures, barcodes, photos, forms, etc

The job template system in PODFather allows almost any paper form to be replicated with custom workflows built in to make sure jobs are completed correctly. Electronic signatures, photos, barcodes can all be included.

Enterprise grade

The PODFather is an enterprise-grade application; capable of processing huge volumes of jobs per day in a completely secure and reliable manner. The application works outside network coverage, and all jobs completed include automatic date/time and GPS capture to enhance the audit trail of delivery progress.

Having the PODs emailed immediately to our customers and linked directly into our accounts system is both a big improvement in our customer service levels, as well as a massive reduction in office administration.

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General Manager

Skybound Services Ltd

Electronic proof of delivery

ePOD is at the heart of the PODFather system, allowing you to replace paper proof of delivery notes with real-time data through a robust, enterprise ePOD application.

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OTIF Reporting

PODFather includes reporting dashboards that help report on your live and historical On Time In Full performance across the company, depots, customers and drivers.

Live and Historical

Data is never deleted from PODFather, meaning you can produce reports from the first day you start using the system and build years worth of data to improve how your business operates.

PDF and Spreadsheets

If live dashboards aren't enough, most PODFather reports can also be exported into PDF and CSV formats to email or work your pivot table magic in your favourite spreadsheet tools.

PODFather helps ensure we are consistent with our maintenance contracts, and we've responded within contracted SLA times for emergency call-outs. Our accounts department are also able to view completed jobs and invoice much faster than before.

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PODFather captures a huge amount of information about how your business operates so we've built a few tools to help you see how well you're doing, and where the problems are.

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Approved supplier

PODFather is an approved G-Cloud 9 supplier with application listings for ePOD, NHS Asset Tracking and Construction Logistics solutions.

Public sector

Our G-Cloud 9 listings permit almost all UK public sector organisations to procure PODFather solutions in a quick and efficient manner.

Saves you time and money

Buying PODFather services through the G-Cloud framework is faster and cheaper than running individual procurement tenders and contracts.

PODFather complements our cost improvement strategy by making positive and sustainable changes to our working processes. It helps prevent the risk of assets and health records being lost or misplaced, and improves the scheduling efficiencies of ad-hoc and regular tasks for our courier operations.

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Facilities & Estates Manager

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Digital Marketplace

PODFather is an approved supplier under the UK Government Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9 framework.

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Case Studies

Read more about what our system has done for some of our customers

PODFather helps prevent the risk of assets and health records being lost or misplaced, and improves the scheduling efficiencies of ad-hoc and regular tasks for our courier operations

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Associate Director


PODFather allows us to allocate jobs, measure performance, and deliver a faster, more complete service. The system has substantially reduced the cost of delivering the Home Insulation Scheme.

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Project Manager

Energy Saving Trust

PODFather has transformed our collection practices. Technology that remotely captures information and helps make operations more cost effective has to be welcomed.

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Transport Manager

Oxfam Wastesaver

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