Samsung partners with PODFather to deliver ePOD solutions on Samsung Android devices

Samsung Electronics and PODFather partner to provide enterprise mobile workforce solutions on Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. Through the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP), PODFather is able to extend its reach into the Android enterprise market and promote solutions through the wide global network of Samsung customers.

PODFather is a cloud based mobile workforce solution that covers scheduling and optimisation, electronic job sheet completion, tracking, invoicing and reports. The integrated mobile and web-based backoffice solutions allow businesses to schedule and manage their operations in real-time and removes the problems associated with paper-based processes.

The PODFather Logistics, Field Service and Construction systems have processed millions of collection, delivery and engineer job sheets of various complexity since being launched in 2006. By automating paper-based processes and giving a real-time view of job progress, the PODFather system drives efficiencies through an organisation. Ultimately this can improve cash flow and customer service levels, whilst helping reduce the administrative costs and burdens of inefficient paper-based systems.

“The trends in smartphone operating systems have shifted and we’re seeing this influencing the enterprise market,” said Colin McCreadie, Business Development Director of PODFather Ltd. “The partnership with Samsung provides an assurance to both new and existing PODFather customers that we will continue to provide cost effective solutions on industry leading hardware.”