PODFather’s electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) solution helps you manage your delivery and collection jobs with ease.  We take your job information, plan optimised routes, share them with drivers, communicate ETAs with customers and then track real time performance once your fleet is out on the road.  Here we look at how the solution works.

PODFather ETA notifications

Upload your job information.

Firstly, start by uploading job information into the PODFather cloud-based back office system.  Information can be uploaded via our API, by SFTP transfer or manually.  We have a set data template that allows for a swift and successful data upload.  Once you have your data formatted correctly information should flow autonomously across your business ecosystem.  Your data file will contain all your customer, product and delivery information including any time window or access constraints and it can be uploaded either un routed or routed, whichever you prefer.  Find out more about our Job Management feature.

Upload your job information – benefits


Job information can be automatically uploaded into PODFather via our API, or via SFTP.

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Job templates can be configured to suit bespoke requirements.

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Streamline your job management process, no more paper job sheets.

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Increase visibility by storing all job details in the PODFather job management system.

Plan your routes.

Next you can plan your routes, either manually or using our automated generate runs route optimiser.  Your uploaded job information will contain any customer specific details – including address, time window preferences and delivery constraints and may even specify which driver is required for that route.  Once this information is in our back office system you can either plan your routes manually – using our simple drag and drop technology or allow PODFather’s routing algorithm to work out the most efficient route for you.  The automated routing of a day’s worth of work will take a matter of seconds.  You can then use our visual table, chart and map displays to make any required adjustments.  Find out more about our Route Optimisation feature.

PODFather route planning module

Plan your routes – benefits

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Efficiently plan jobs to minimize logistics costs which can lead to bottom-line savings for your business.

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Replace old planning processes with an automated solution that can save hours of admin time every day.

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Ensure customer satisfaction with a planning system that optimises routes to hit delivery windows.

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Combined planning and live ePOD systems allow you to have real-time visibility of progress throughout the day.

Release routes to drivers.

Once your routes are planned you are ready to release them to your drivers.  All your drivers need access to a basic smartphone device onto which they need to have downloaded the free PODFather Driver App.  Available from the App store for both Android and iOS devices, the app allows you to automatically share planned job details from your back office systems to your driving team.  They can also use the app to collect FORS compliant vehicle check information prior to leaving the depot. 

PODFather driver handheld driver job detail screen

Releasing routes to drivers – benefits

online check icon

No more paper tickets required. Jobs are automatically uploaded to your drivers’ handheld devices.

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Not using paper tickets improves your environmental efficiency. Eradicating paper tickets can have a big impact on paper usage across a business.

Piggy bank icon

Transferring information to and from drivers electronically will save you time and money on administration costs.

delivery on way icon

Collect FORS compliant vehicle check information before drivers leave the depot.

Notify your customers.

Once your routes are planned, shared with your drivers and your vehicles are ready to get out on the road you can send automated ETA notifications to your customers, via email.  Your PODFather system calculates an accurate ETA based on the planning parameters that you have set.  This will be shared with your customer, so they know when to expect their delivery or collection that day.  Email notifications are available to all PODFather users as standard.  SMS notifications are possible but are not made available by default. Find out more about PODFather’s customer notification feature.

PODFather customer ETA notification on a smartphone

Notify your customers – benefits

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Streamline customer communications and improve customer experience.

customer satisfaction icon

Keep customers informed.

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Get immediate notification of any issues or delays.

customer review icon

Be proactive not reactive and watch your customer satisfaction scores soar.

Vehicle tracking

Drivers are on the road, customers are notified about deliveries, now you can track your vehicles in real time.  Using our tracking module (available as standard to all users) you can keep a watchful eye on the real time progress of your fleet.  Any issues, such as late running or a missed delivery, will be clearly highlighted enabling you to take swift action.  Customer service teams can have their own system log in, enabling them to take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to dealing with customers. Find out more about PODFather’s vehicle tracking feature.

PODFather delivery tracking screen on monitor

Vehicle tracking – benefits

Delivery van with tracking icon

Track your vehicles without the need for fixed telematics.

time icon

Keep track of all drivers and job status information in real time, with ETAs adjusted throughout the day.

passenger icon

Tracking starts when drivers log into their handhelds and stops when they log out. Ideal for third party drivers.

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Get real time notification of any issues or delays.

Capture proof of delivery

Once a vehicle has arrived on site, and the delivery or collection is complete, you can capture electronic proof of delivery via the driver app.  Details of any discrepancies – such as cancellations or item adjustments – are captured by your drivers and uploaded straight to your back-office system in real time.  With PODFather’s ePOD solution there are no more paper tickets, no issues with lost or illegible delivery notes – just real time visibility of everything that is going on across your operation.  Find out more about our Proof of Delivery feature

epod and route planing

Capture proof of delivery – benefits

document task on screen icon

Go paperless with PODFather, no more paper tickets.

connectivity icon

Speed the flow of information across your operation.

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Get real time visibility, and full-time accountability.

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Use ePOD information to deal with customer issues more quickly and easily.

Issue invoices

When a delivery or collection has been completed, and a proof of delivery received you are free to issue your invoice.  For many of our customers, before PODFather it would have taken over a week to process completed tickets and issue customer invoices.  Now, with PODFather in place customers can receive delivery confirmation in real time and issue invoices almost immediately.  This speeds cashflow and is ultimately better for business.  Find out more about our invoicing feature.

PODFather invoicing
PODFather invoicing

Issuing invoices – benefits

time icon

Make invoicing a fast, paperless process.

revenue increase icon

Speed company cash flow by invoicing on job completion.

24/7 service icon

Reduce invoice administration time.

conversation icon

Resolve issues and disputes quickly and easily using real data.

Report on performance

After job completion and invoicing PODFather has a suite of performance reports that allow you to review your overall performance.  Whether you are looking at cancelled jobs, performance by customer, or On Time In Full (OTIF) figures, PODFather stores your data so that it is ready to process your performance results at any time. Information can be exported and shared with others within your business quickly and easily.  Find out more about our reporting feature.

PODFather job performance screen on a laptop screen in an office

Report on performance – benefits

decision icon

Make informed business decisions based on real results.

KPI report icon

Share performance data with others within your business.

Cloud computing icon

Data exports, through API, allows logistics information to be merged with other business systems.

dahboard icon

Customised reports can be created to cater for your bespoke reporting needs.

Let your customers use our Customer Portal.

Our Customer Portal allows your customers to log in online and proactively find out about their forthcoming delivery or collection.  Your customers can access the portal via our website, or yours (we can supply you with the code to get it set up) and it is a great feature for those wanting to give proactive power to their customers. Find out more about our customer portal feature.

PODFather customer portal

Customer portal – benefits

vision icon

Give your customers real time visibility of their job status, without having to call you.

customer satisfaction icon

Reduce inbound customer service calls and improve overall customer experience.

Cloud software security

Easy to configure, the customer portal is a straightforward addition to any business.


Allow your customers to place orders directly via your website.

Many features, one joined up solution.

PODFather’s electronic proof of delivery solution is made up of several key system features.  As one package it offers a complete solution for logistics, construction or home delivery companies looking to plan and mange the movement of their vehicle fleet.  Proven to eradicate paper, improve the flow of information, increase customer satisfaction, and cut costs, PODFather offers an easy to use, yet highly effective way of tackling the complex problems of planning and managing a vehicle fleet.

If you would like to find out more about what we do and how we could help you achieve big benefits, fast, get in touch with us today

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