PODFather’s multi drop route planning solution is a feature rich software solution that allows companies operating vehicle fleets to optimise, manage, track and report on multi stop route plans with ease.  Here we look at some of the key multi drop route planning features that PODFather has to offer.

Key features within PODFather’s multi stop route planning & optimisation solution:

  • Manual multi drop route planning
  • Automated multi drop route creation
  • Easy to use back office system interface
  • Driver app
  • Release multi stop routes direct to driver handhelds
  • Driver location tracking
  • Capture delivery cancellations & item adjustments
  • Capture COVID-compliant electronic proof of delivery
  • Multi drop route performance reporting
  • Customer portal

Manual multi drop route planning

With PODFather you can still build your multi stop route plans manually.  Upload your jobs into the system, via API, SFTP or CSV upload, and use our intuitive user interface to drag and drop jobs onto vehicles, keeping a close eye on vehicle and driving time constraints.  Our interactive map display will show you where your drops are on the map, enabling you to manually groups jobs in the most manually efficient way.

route optimisation software

Automated multi drop route creation

PODFather has a powerful route optimisation algorithm which allows users to build cost effective and resource efficient multi drop routes in a matter of seconds.  Our system will take customer time windows, vehicle capacity and driving time into consideration, taking the headache out of trying to create route plans manually.  Our system delivers great results fast!

Ease to use back office interface

The PODFather multi drop route planning system has been designed with usability in mind.  Our cloud-based back-office interface, built with intuitive drag and drop technology, makes it easy for our customers to get up and running fast.  Build multi stop routes in a matter of minutes and view your results in several formats, including on a map, in tabular form or as an exported report.

Driver app

PODFather’s multi drop driver app allows you to upload jobs straight to drivers, track vehicle movements and collect vehicle checks, and electronic proof of delivery in real time.  Our app will run on the most basic of smartphones and is downloadable for free, in both Android and iOS formats, from the app store.

PODFather driver app

Release multi stop routes direct to driver handhelds

With PODFather you can release your optimised multi drop routes from your back-office system direct to your drivers’ handheld device.  No more paper tickets, just an automatic transfer of data, enabling your drivers to log on, and go!

Driver location tracking

PODFather’s multi stop route optimisation solution negates the need for inbuilt vehicle telematics.  Our app will collect driver location information, giving you full visibility of where they are vs the plan for the day.  Get real time alerts if there is a delay, or a drop is missed, enabling you to adjust your plans in real time and keep your customers informed.

PODFather delivery tracking screen on a monitor

Capture delivery cancellations & item adjustments

With the PODFather driver app, you will have full, real time visibility, of any delivery cancellations or load discrepancies.  If an item is refused by your customers, for example it is damaged, the driver can log this via the app.  This will send a notification back to your cloud-based office system in real time.  The same applies if a delivery is cancelled, giving you full visibility of the whole delivery process.

Capture COVID-compliant electronic proof of delivery

With COVID-compliance at the forefront of all our minds you can rest assured that with PODFather your drivers can offer a touch-free ePOD service to your customers.  Historically your customers would have signed a paper docket, or signed on glass, to confirm that an item had been collected or delivered.  With PODFather you can capture proof of delivery photographs, which are uploaded straight back to the transport office in real time.  Sign on glass is still available should drivers need to confirm a delivery themselves.

PODFather Delivery Software

Multi drop route performance reporting

So, we have looked at how PODFather can help you plan your multi drop routes, track them, and capture proof of delivery but what about reporting?  The PODFather solution comes with a suite of standard reports that allow you to look at how your operation is performing.  Dashboards are available as are our downloadable reports, for ease of sharing with others within your business.

Customer portal

With PODFather you can empower your customers to take ownership of their deliveries.  Giving your customers access to our customer portal gives them the ability to place orders and track delivery progress in real time, thereby empowering them to manage their bookings as well as accessing their POD archive.  Available, as standard, to all our customers, the PODFather portal can be accessed via our website, or embedded onto yours.

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