PODFather customers run multi drops routes with vehicles delivering to or collecting from multiple stops on a route. To create a multi drop route manually, while maintaining efficiency and hitting customer time windows, is a real skill, usually developed by an experienced planner over many years.  Here we look at the benefits of running multi stop route plans through PODFather, a system that is proven to generate a plan that meets all your operational constraints in a matter of seconds. 

PODFathers route optimisation software

PODFather’s multi drop, or multi stop route planning solutions help fleet operators within the logistics, home delivery, food & drink, field service and healthcare sectors to maximise productivity and control costs at the same time as improving overall customer experience.  Our multi drop route planning solution has been delivering great results to the transport industry for over 20 years and we are currently helping over 30,000 users to plan and manage their workload.

Here we look at the benefits you can expect to experience when you plan your multi drop routes with PODFather’s cloud-based solution:

The benefits of using PODFather’s multi drop route planning software.

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Eradicate manual processes

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Plan faster & smarter

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Introduce time windows

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Control costs

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Improve fleet utilisation

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Deal with issues or delays in an instant

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Issue customer ETA notifications

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Invoice faster

Multi drop route planning case study: Lea & Sandeman

Lea & Sandeman, the London-based independent wine merchants, has introduced multi drop route planning and delivery tracking software from PODFather to improve visibility and streamline process flows across its nationwide operation.  With a well-established omni-channel business, and a growing demand for its home delivery service, Lea & Sandeman were looking for a robust solution to replace paper-based processes across its delivery operation.   With PODFather now in place Lea & Sandeman is benefitting from automated multi stop route planning, vehicle checks, delivery tracking, customer notifications and electronic proof of delivery technology.  Lea & Sandeman selected PODFather as its planning partner of choice based on the system’s ease of integration, ability to eradicate paper tickets and improve customer service with one simple back-office system and easy to use driver app.  Read the full case study.

Lea & Sandeman delivery van planned by PODFather

Eradicate manual processes

Creating multi drop route plans manually is incredibly difficult and is a skill that many transport planners have developed based on years of experience.  But what happens when they leave your business, or are away on holiday, who looks after the multi stop plans then?  With PODFather you get an easy-to-use solution that makes short work of what is a very time consuming manual process. 

PODFather's Delivery Management System

Plan faster & smarter

Our advanced multi drop route planning algorithms take the headache out of calculating your vehicle plans.  A task that would have taken hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes, enabling your transport teams to dedicate more time to other important tasks.  With PODFather you can plan faster and smarter, automatically calculating routes that are cost effective and time efficient for both your customers and your drivers.

Multi Stop Route Planning Case study: Marrfish

Marrfish, the frozen fish and seafood specialist, has selected PODFather’s multi drop route planning and electronic proof of delivery system to help streamline its new home delivery operation.  With a long history of delivering fresh quality fish to the hospitality and restaurant trade, this year has seen the Marrfish team take its service to the next level with the introduction of a UK wide home delivery service.  With 16 vehicles delivering to over 700 trade and home customers located around the country Marrfish needed a proven software solution that could help the team scale up its service quickly and efficiently.  PODFather’s long history of servicing the food delivery industry, and its proven results, made it clear choice for the Marrfish team.  Read the full case study.

Marrfish delivery van and driver planned by PODFather

Introduce customer time windows

Historically we have seen a resistance to offering customers time windows, with operators opting to offer all day time windows at point of order.  With PODFather you can have the confidence to offer tighter time windows to your customers – with two-hour time windows being the standard.  When your PODFather system generates your multi stop routes it will automatically take any specific customer time window requests into consideration as part of the process.  You can be confident that the time windows you are offering to your customers can be met easily if you stick to your PODFather generated multi stop route plan.

PODFather customer portal

Control costs

We understand that running a multi drop delivery operation is costly.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are fulfilling your multi stop delivery promises in the most cost effective and resource efficient way possible.  With PODFather you can be sure that you have the right system in place to help you tackle the challenge of running a multi drop delivery or collection business that is both cost effective and resource efficient. 

Multi Drop Route Planning Case study: AF Biomass

As an integral part of the wider AF Group, AF Biomass are straw merchants responsible for fuelling three of the four straw fired power stations in the UK. They are seeing significant savings having introduced PODFather’s multi stop route planning and delivery management system into its operation.  With over 500 farmers producing in excess of 110,000 tonnes of power station straw every year, AF Biomass needed a software solution capable of streamlining what was previously a very manual, and paper-intensive, process.  PODFather is now used daily to plan straw multi stop collections from farms, and multiple deliveries to power stations and a complex variety of customers within the food and energy supply chain.  Within a matter of weeks of go live AF Biomass is reporting significant savings in the form of increased drops per vehicle, a 10% reduction in empty running and a per load saving of over £50. Read the full case study. 

AF Biomass Ltd vehicle loaded with straw bales

Improve fleet utilisation

PODFather’s multi drop planning algorithm will automatically take vehicle capacities, and driving time, into consideration when generating your multi stop route plans.  When setting up your PODFather system you will specify which drivers work on which days and at what hours, what vehicles are available for what sort of work and their associated capacities.  PODFather automatically takes these parameters into consideration when generating your multi drop route plans, thereby ensuring that your vehicles are compliant, empty running is minimised and driving time is optimised. 

PODFather screen on a lap top next to a red mug

Deal with issues or delays an instant

If you are running your multi stop operation using Excel spreadsheets and paper tickets, you won’t be aware that a driver has missed a drop or gotten delayed until you have your customer on the phone asking for an updated ETA.  With PODFather in place you can track driver movements in real time.  If a problem or delay occurs you will know in an instant, enabling you to take proactive action and call your customer to let them know.  In addition, because all your customers will be sent a tracking link for their delivery, they can proactively go in and check when their items are due to arrive. 

Multi Stop Route Planning Case study:: The Home Delivery Service

The Home Delivery Service, the Northampton based trampoline and outdoor item delivery and installation specialist, has introduced PODFather’s route planning and delivery tracking software to improve visibility, efficiency and customer service across its nationwide last mile multi drop delivery business.  With vehicles making hundreds of deliveries a week to customer homes across the country The Home Delivery Service saw an opportunity to enhance its well-respected last mile delivery service with the introduction of forward-thinking technology.  Having reviewed the software solutions the market had to offer only PODFather presented a clear and confident solution that would meet The Home Delivery Service’s needs.  The system is now being rolled out and The Home Delivery Service team has already seen a 20% cut in customer service calls because of the customer ETA notification and on the day delivery tracking functionality that PODFather has brought to its delivery business.  Read the full case study.

Springfree Trampoline being delivered; planned by PODFather

Issue customer notifications

Once you have planned your multi drop routes and your drivers are ready to leave the dept PODFather will automatically send an ETA notification to each of your customers.  Sent via email (SMS options are available but additional costs apply) the ETA notification gives your customer a 2-hour time window that you can offer with confidence.  Customers love the advance notification, enabling them to go about their day safe in the knowledge that their items will be delivered, or collected, at the allotted times.

PODFather ETA notifications

Invoice faster

If you eradicate paper and move over to automated multi drop delivery planning and electronic proof of multi stop delivery process you will get real time notification once a delivery is completed.  With PODFather you can see exactly what items were delivered and compare it to the planned schedule with ease.  Many of our customers are now able to invoice within 24 hours, some invoice immediately, which is a hug improvement on paper-based processes where time to invoice could have been up to a week, or longer.

Multi Drop Route Planning Case study: Nippon Gases

Nippon Gases is keeping its customers happy with multi drop delivery planning, tracking and ePOD software from PODFather.  Supplying Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)), to approximately 900 customers across the UK, Nippon Gases needed a software solution that could deliver the real time vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery notifications needed to keep customers informed.  With some deliveries being time critical, and others taking place out of hours or to unmanned sites, Nippon Gases needed a solution that could satisfy the requirements of all customers.  Thanks to PODFather, time-critical customers now receive ETA notifications and delivery tracking, while out of hours customers get real time and location-stamped electronic proof of delivery confirmations.  As a result, Nippon Gases has seen an uplift in customer satisfaction, has been able to speed up internal processes and reduce paper across its operation.  Read the full case study.

Nippon Gases bags

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