PODFather’s feature rich ePOD solution allows uses to plan, manage, and track all vehicle movements.  Here we take a closer look at some of the key ePOD features and functionality that are available to all PODFather users as standard. 

PODFather customer ETA notification on a smartphone
  • Cloud based back office system
  • API for ease of integration
  • Automated ETA notification generation & communication
  • Easy to use driver app – Android & iOS
  • Satellite navigation & driver tracking
  • Sign on glass & photo capture
  • Live status updates regarding deliveries & collections
  • Real time performance reporting
  • Data archive

Cloud based back office system.

At the heart of our ePOD solution sits our cloud-based back office system.  This is where you upload jobs (via API, SFTP or manually), plan your routes, send jobs to drivers, track on the day vehicle movements and delivery status information, and view proof of delivery confirmation.  The back office screen is designed with ease of use in mind.  Information is laid out in several tiles which can be resized and reorganized to give you the optimum display for your business needs.  Different users can be set up with different display preferences meaning that your transport, warehouse, customer service and accounts teams can access to the information they need to do their jobs with ease.

PODFather ETA notifications

API for ease of integration

One of the key features of the PODFather system is its API.  This allows for ease of integration into your business ecosystem and facilitates the seamless flow of data between a range of business systems. 

“The PODFather solution has revolutionised how we plan and manage our deliveries,” adds Hayward-Broomfield.  “With PODFather we have full visibility of all wine movements, from depot to delivery and the fact that we’ve been able to integrate it easily into our existing IT infrastructure has made for a fast roll out, which means we are now fully prepared to tackle the increase in demand that we are now experiencing as order volumes.” Ed Haywood-Broomfield, Head of Digital & e-Commerce, Lea & Sandeman.

Lea & Sandeman delivery van planned by PODFather

Automated ETA notification generation & communication

When you use the PODFather ePOD solution to plan your logistics, construction, or home delivery operation you will see the benefit of using our automated ETAs.  When routes are uploaded and optimised in PODFather we will generate an accurate ETA based on the parameters that you have set for each customer order.  With PODFather you can be sure your deliveries will be planned to arrive on time, every time.  Once planning is complete these ETAs are automatically released, via email, to your customers who benefit from having a live tracking link which allows them to track their vehicle on the day of collection or delivery.  Email ETA notifications are available to all users as standard.  SMS notifications are available on request. 

Lady accepting a PODFather home delivery of groceries

“With PODFather we have a simple solution to the complex problem of managing the allocation and execution of deliveries across our fleet.  When we decided to make the move into home delivery it was great to know we already had the right technology in place to ensure the efficient allocation of loads onto our vehicles, and the introduction of ETA notifications for our customers is a great addition to our PODFather solution.”  Nick Fowler, Co-Founder, Smith & Brock Ltd.

Smith & Brock vegetable box

Easy to use driver app – Android & iOS.

The PODFather driver app runs on the most basic of smartphone or handheld device.  You can download it from the App store for free and both Android and iOS versions are available. Once downloaded your drivers will be able to receive PODFather generated job information which is uploaded straight from your cloud-based back office system to the handheld device.  As standard, our app is also used to capture FORS compliant vehicle check information prior to drivers leaving the depot.  All information captured via the PODFather ePOD driver app is automatically uploaded straight to your back office system, giving you real time visibility of all activities. 

epod and route planing

“With PODFather we can share our routes with drivers via the app, which we have running on Android smartphones.  Having a cloud-based back office system and the driver app gives us full time visibility of what’s going on across our operation and our customers love the ETA functionality that the PODFather system has introduced to our operation.” Jonathan Highfield, Purchasing Manager, Aubrey Allen.

Aubrey Allen steak box delivered by PODFather

Satellite navigation & driver tracking

Once your vehicles are out on the road the PODFather ePOD app allows you to provide Google-based satellite navigation as your drivers move from job to job.  Really handy if your drivers are venturing into different geographical areas every day.  Our ePOD app also allows you to track your drivers in real time and you can log into the back office system and see who is where when, what route has been taken and if there are any issues, such as missed delivery or a late running driver, that needs to be addressed. 

PODFather driver handheld driver job detail screen

 “We can now see where deliveries are anytime, all the time; our drivers have quickly gotten to grips with the easy-to-use app and our customers are loving the ETA notifications and live delivery tracking.  I would definitely recommend it to others looking to enhance delivery service with easy-to-use technology.” Ted Wiltshire, Operations Manager, Home Leisure Direct.

Home Leisure Direct arcade machines delivered by PODFather

Sign on glass & photo capture

All PODFather drivers can use their ePOD handheld device to capture proof of delivery signatures and photographs.  Any captured information is uploaded straight to the back office system in real time and can be automatically emailed to your customers for their records.  This is a handy feature if you are doing out of hours deliveries or delivering to sites where items have to be left unattended at point of drop off. 

PODFather Delivery Software

Live status updates regarding deliveries & collections

PODFather’s ePOD app enables you to capture live status updates regarding deliveries and collections.  For example, if an item is refused, marked damaged, or no longer required your driver simply has to enter the correct cancel or item adjustment code on their handheld device and this information is automatically uploaded into your back office system.  You can click on the PODs screen at any time to see live order update information.  This ePOD feature is available to all users as standard. 

PODFather POD Archive

Real time performance reporting

Using an electronic Proof of Delivery system gives you access to a wealth of accurate performance data.  With PODFather you can review planned vs actual route performance, assess driver performance, review customer success, and ultimately make informed business decisions based on real world data.  PODFather offers job performance reports and business management reports as standard to all users.  Data can be managed and shared with others within your business quickly and easily. 

PODFather Job Performance Screen

Data archive

Your PODFather electronic proof of delivery system features a permanent archive of all your PODs and job sheets.  All PODs are clearly filed making them easy to find and any jobs with discrepancies are clearly highlighted for ease of search and resolution. 

Do you want to find out more about PODFather’s ePOD solution?

Are you interested in finding out more about the software solution, and associated benefits, that we can offer your business?  Get in touch today and tell us a bit more about how you plan and manage your operation and we will show you how we can improve planning, reduce costs, and improve efficiency across your operation. 

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