Our electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) solution is helping over 30,000 users every day to capture real time proof of delivery information with ease.  PODFather has been developing and delivering ePOD solutions to the logistics, construction, and home delivery industries for over 20 years. 

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What are the benefits of introducing ePOD technology?

Introducing ePOD technology brings a range of benefits, to multiple departments, across a wide range of business types.  Here we look at some of the main benefits of introducing electronic Proof of Delivery technology into your vehicle fleet.

The benefits of introducing ePOD technology

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No more paper tickets

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Cuts admin time

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Real time POD capture

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Immediate visibility of any discrepancies

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Improved customer experience

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Speed up invoicing and improve cashflow

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No more paper tickets

ePOD technology makes paper tickets a thing of the past.  With PODFather all delivery/collection information is shared with drivers via our easy-to-use ePOD App.  You no longer have to print multi-sheet paper tickets that may or may not return back to the transport office in a readable format.  Drivers love not having to worry about keeping track of pieces of paper and back office teams love the speed at which data flows through their organisation once paper has been eradicated.  There are the environmental implications too – stopping the printing of paper tickets does help to save trees over time.  It is something we actively track here at PODFather HQ in Edinburgh.


PODFather is enabling us to eradicate paper tickets from our operation for good.  With the system in place, we can manage our loads more efficiency and get real time visibility of what is going on where throughout the operation.  This has been a game changer for the whole team here at Andrews Excavations.

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Cuts admin time

PODFather’s electronic proof of delivery software will slash the amount of admin time required to plan, track, and manage deliveries.  Savings come from the eradication of paper tickets, real time delivery tracking, automated completion notifications and ease of invoicing.  It is not uncommon for our customers to report significant savings shortly after going live with our ePOD solution. 


With the introduction of PODFather we are saving up to five hours of admin time every day by not relying on paper tickets; time that can be used elsewhere within the business. In addition, with real time proof of delivery collection we can immediately see what work we’ve completed, deal with discrepancies, and invoice accordingly. As far as we are concerned it’s a real game changer in terms of improving how we carry out our day-to-day business.

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Real time POD capture

With an easy-to-use ePOD solution, such as ours, you get full visibility of proof of delivery information in real time.  Once jobs are completed, information is uploaded straight into your cloud-based back office system.  Notes, cancel codes, and job performance flags are automatically assigned to your job completions giving transport, customer service and accounts team real time information of actual on the day progress. 


All our stock is delivered freshly frozen so our customers can transfer our produce straight into their freezer.  With PODFather we can provide our customers with advance notification about when we expect to make their delivery and provide accurate real time updates while our vehicles are out on the road.  Also, the introduction of electronic proof of delivery notifications, including photos, will ensure we get immediate notification of all delivery completions as they happen which will make it much easier to deal with any delivery queries or customer questions.

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Signature free POD

PODFather has always offered signature free proof of delivery as standard.  This has been a huge benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With PODFather you can capture proof of delivery photographs which are automatically uploaded to your back office system in real time.  You can also set your system up to share photos with your customers via email – great for those out of hours deliveries, or deliveries where no one is available to take receipt of an item. 

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Immediate visibility of any discrepancies

Historically the first thing you would have known about a delivery/collection discrepancy would have been the return of a paper ticket, on which a driver would have had to have added a handwritten note.  With PODFather drivers have access to cancel codes, and item discrepancy notes that enable them to communicate in real time, any delivery issues, returns or order rejections. 


One of the biggest benefits of introducing PODFather is that we now have real time visibility of what’s going on out on the road.  With the PODFather system in place we can optimise the routes we are running, track progress in real time, and capture electronic proof of delivery information without having to rely on the use of paper tickets.  As a result of changing our working practices we’ve saved a huge amount of admin time and seen our On Time in Full performance improve by over 12%.

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Improve customer experience.

The introduction of PODFather’s ePOD software can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction levels and overall customer experience.  With PODFather your customers get advance ETA notifications, on the day vehicle tracking, signature free proof of delivery, photographic proof of delivery and an automated record trail and PODs are emailed straight to your customers.  Ensure your deliveries arrive on time, all the time, with PODFather and watch your customer satisfaction scores soar. 


The customer service benefits of introducing PODFather have been significant.  With PODFather we can automatically issue ETA notifications to customers on the day before delivery, give them live status tracking on the day of delivery and issue electronic delivery confirmation immediately.  The number of customer service calls has fallen dramatically as our customers enjoy the benefit of having full visibility of when their delivery or service engineer is arriving.  It really has been a game changer for us.

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Speed up invoicing & improve your cashflow.

Electronic proof of delivery technology will improve the speed at which data will flow throughout your business.  You no longer have to wait for paper tickets to be returned to your head office, passed to accounts and scanned onto your internal systems.  With PODFather you have real time visibility, and full-time accountability for all deliveries and collections.  You can see exactly what was done where and by whom.  You can invoice faster – many of our clients have seen time to invoice drop from one week to less than 24 hours and in some cases, our customers use the automated customer POD as their invoice.  Cash flow is improved which is always good for business.  


With PODFather we have streamlined our processes to such an extent that we are now able to organise, issue and monitor jobs much more easily.  Ultimately, we can now invoice jobs within 24 hours of completion, with minimal paperwork.  It is so much quicker; the process used to take up to seven days.  This has had a huge impact on the financial efficiency of our organisation.

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Do you want to find out more about PODFather’s ePOD solution?

Are you interested in finding out more about the software solution, and associated benefits, that we can offer your business?  Get in touch today and tell us a bit more about how you plan and manage your operation and we will show you how we can improve planning, reduce costs, and improve efficiency across your operation. 

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