Overview – Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Once you’ve planned your delivery routes, released them to drivers, and your vehicles are out on the road it’s essential that you have a last mile delivery solution in place to keep track of how each day’s routes are progressing compared with the plan.  Our last mile delivery tracking solution, powered by our driver app, negates the need for costly in-vehicle telematics.

With PODFather tracking your last mile delivery routes you can monitor actual performance vs the plan, get notification of any issues or delays, and keep customers informed with ease.  When customers call in you can check with your PODFather back-office system and get an update ETA without having to call the driver.  Save time and improve customer experience with PODFather’s last mile delivery tracking software!


Real time driver tracking

With PODFather you get real time visibility of where your drivers are. Using our driver app, you can monitor actual locations and get immediate notification of any delays or issues.

Customer ETA notifications

Use PODFather’s last mile delivery tracking data to keep customers informed with accurate ETAs. When customers call you just need to check your PODFather last mile tracking screen to get updated ETA information. Also, your customers will be issued with a live tracking link enabling them to proactively track their last mile delivery.

Capture item discrepancies & cancellations

PODFather’s last mile delivery tracking app for drivers will give you real time visibility of any delivery discrepancies or cancellations. Your drivers can log when items are not delivered in full, or are refused by your customers, assigning relevant item adjustment and cancellation codes with ease. All information is transmitted back to your back-office system in real time.

Reporting & performance analysis

If you use PODFather to track your last mile delivery progress you can use our suite of standard performance reports to review fleet performance. Make informed business decisions with real world information and remove the guess work from business planning.

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Our last mile delivery tracking solution negates the need for in-vehicle telematics, saving you money. Get one system to cover the whole last mile delivery tracking process.

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Get real time visibility of all last mile deliveries, track vehicle movements in real time and get automated alerts if there is an issue or delay.

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Watch your customer satisfaction scores soar as you get your last mile deliveries to the right place at the right place at the right time with the help of PODFather.

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Tracking your last mile delivery routes with PODFather has been proven to cut admin time & reduce costs.

Last mile delivery tracking case study: Home Leisure Direct

Home Leisure Direct, the UK’s largest specialist games room retailer, has introduced PODFather’s driver tracking and electronic proof of delivery software to streamline processes across its white glove delivery service.  Renowned for delivering and installing an extensive range of high-end home games room products – from pool tables to jukeboxes and football tables to arcade machines – Home Leisure Direct needed a planning partner capable of eradicating paper tickets from its rapidly growing business.  Having reviewed a selection of available software solutions Home Leisure Direct were impressed by PODFather’s ability to offer paperless delivery planning and real time vehicle tracking.  With PODFather rolling out, and business expansion plans in the pipeline, Home Leisure Direct is benefitting from customer ETA notifications, live tracking, and electronic proof of delivery. 

Home Leisure Direct arcade machines delivered by PODFather

“We are really pleased with how easily the PODFather system has rolled out across our business,” adds Ted Wiltshire, Operations Manager at Home Leisure Direct.  “We can now see where deliveries are anytime, all the time; our drivers have quickly gotten to grips with the easy-to-use app and our customers are loving the ETA notifications and live delivery tracking.  I would definitely recommend it to others looking to enhance delivery service with easy-to-use technology.”

The PODFather system is now used to capture vehicle checks, track drivers, and collect real time electronic proof of delivery information.  All drivers have access to the PODFather smartphone app which allows transport teams to share delivery information and capture real time status information, giving head office more visibility than ever before.  Read the full case study.

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