Vehicle route planning

Automate your home delivery route plans with PODFather. Use PODFather to create and optimise your home delivery schedules.

Automated customer ETA notifications

Generate customer ETA notification emails & texts once you’ve planned your schedule for the day. Let your customers know when to expect their order.

Real time delivery tracking

Track your deliveries, & share updated arrival times, with your customers as your vehicles are out on the road. Keep your customers informed about delivery times, all the time.

Electronic proof of delivery

Capture photos at point of delivery & send ePODs to your customers in real time. Great for out of hours, or unmanned, delivery locations.

ePOD route planning software

The PODFather solution is about so much more than proof of delivery.

Our focus is on helping companies, like you, to replace slow, paper-based processes with real-time information that brings benefits across the entire organisation. Replacing paper processes speeds the flow of data through your organisation. It allows your office staff to be better informed about the jobs they are managing daily. With PODFather you will know about any issues before they turn into business-critical problems, making you a proactive, rather than reactive organisation.

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We’re a company founded by business software specialists.

PODFather began life in 2000. If we ever tell you we’re about more than just POD, we really mean it. We’re about providing solutions that make your company more efficient, more financially robust, and more competitive. Our customers come from a diverse range of business sectors and sizes. PODFather is designed to be meet the needs of different processes and scale to accommodate any size of logistics or haulage operation.

What our clients say

The real time visibility that PODFather gives us has some big customer service benefits. Not only can we now automatically notify customers of their ETA once our drivers have completed and logged their vehicle checks and are ready to leave the depot, we can provide real time status updates on the day, while our vehicles are out on the road. This ensures customers are kept informed and are ready to accept their delivery in a safe and timely manner.

Co-founder | Smith & Brock Ltd

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