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See why distribution fleet operators across a wide range of industries use PODFather to help simplify the complex process of planning and managing their distribution operation. Eradicate paper tickets, control costs, and improve customer experience with easy-to-use technology that delivers real results fast.

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Our home delivery customers include

Find out more about how our customers Home Leisure Direct, Berry Bros. & Rudd, Springfree Trampolines and Forest Garden are benefiting having introduced PODFather’s home delivery planning software to their operations.

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Vehicle route planning

Automate your home delivery route plans with PODFather. Use PODFather to create and optimise your home delivery schedules.

Automated customer ETA notifications

Generate customer ETA notification emails & texts once you’ve planned your schedule for the day. Let your customers know when to expect their order.

Real time delivery tracking

Track your deliveries, & share updated arrival times, with your customers as your vehicles are out on the road. Keep your customers informed about delivery times, all the time.

Electronic proof of delivery

Capture photos at point of delivery & send ePODs to your customers in real time. Great for out of hours, or unmanned, delivery location

Running Electric Vehicles?  We’re EV ready when you are!

We are seeing an increase in the number of fleet operators switching from traditional diesel-powered vehicles to more ‘green’ alternatives.  The good news is that the PODFather system is EV ready when you are!

Our sophisticated route planning and optimisation engine enables users to specify vehicle profiles, capacity, fuel type and range.  As a result, when building routes with PODFather, you can be confident that the system will factor in the actual fleet profile automatically as part of the route planning process.

We want the market to know that we offer an EV ready solution for companies that are already running or considering running electric vehicles as part of their logistics fleet.

Great software delivered by a great team

PODFather prides itself on delivering leading edge solutions that help tackle the problem of planning, managing & tracking a vehicle fleet. Call our team today and find out how we could be helping you do more with the resources you have.

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The benefits of introducing PODFather to your home delivery operation

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With PODFather you can plan cost effective and resource efficient routes that meet customer time window preferences with ease. Deliver on time, every time.

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Use our customer ETA notification functionality to let your customers know when to expect their delivery. ETA notifications are available to all PODFather users as standard.

Delivery van with tracking icon

Proactively track your vehicle movements. Get real time alerts of any delays, missed deliveries or order discrepancies, and share this with your customer service teams.

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Capture electronic proof of delivery photographs which can be immediately shared with your customers, via email, once a delivery has been completed. Great if you are delivering out of hours, or if the customer is not present.

Addressing the challenges of running a home delivery vehicle fleet.

Create route plans that you know are cost effective, resource efficient & achievable: Maximise efficiency across your home delivery fleet but using the PODFather system to optimise your routes.  Upload jobs via SFTP or API and use generate runs to produce optimised route plans in seconds. 

route optimisation software

Keeping customer informed with accurate ETAs: PODFather offers customer ETA notifications as standard.  Relax, safe in the knowledge that PODFather has calculated accurate and reliable ETAs which make sure deliveries get to the right place at the right time. 

PODFather customer ETA notification on a smartphone

Tracking vehicle movements & having real time visibility of issues/delays: Use the PODFather driver app to track vehicle movements once your fleet has left the depot.  Give customer service teams access to any late running or missed delivery drops so they can contact your customers quickly and easily.

PODFather delivery tracking screen on a monitor

Capturing electronic proof of delivery, even if the customer is not present: PODFather allows you capture electronic proof of delivery photographs.  Delivery confirmation can be emailed to the customer in real time, a great feature if you are delivering at unsociable times or when the customer is not present. 

woman holding a phone in the kitchen with a box of vegetables

Integrating PODFather into your Home Delivery business

We understand how important it is for our customers to easily integrate PODFather into their business. Therefore, you can integrate our system into your existing infrastructure using web services. Jobs can be uploaded or pre-routed and PODs downloaded as soon as they are completed. Find out more about integrating PODFather into your home delivery business.

What PODFather’s home delivery customers have to say:


ODDBOX, the UK’s food-waste-fighting fruit & veg box subscription service, has selected PODFather’s fleet management and electronic proof of delivery solution to optimise plans across its rapidly expanding operation. With a fleet of 50 vehicles operating out one, soon to be two depots the ODDBOX team is currently delivering fruit and vegetable boxes to over 40,000 customers located across London and the South East of England.  Having reviewed the software options the market had to offer, the ODDBOX team were impressed by PODFather’s breadth of functionality, ease of integration and professional approach to tackling their planning challenges.

ODDBOX fruit and vegetable box delivery planned by PODFather

“Customer experience is absolutely key for us, so at a time when order volumes are increasing it was important for us to get the right software solution in place to help us manage our operation.  PODFather’s reputation within the food delivery industry, plus its ease of use and integration capability made it the obvious choice and we look forward to working with the team on the swift roll out of our new ePOD solution.”  Drew Hutchinson, Logistics and Supply Chain Co-ordinator, Oddbox


Smith & Brock, the purveyors of premium quality fruit, vegetables and fresh produce to London’s hotels, eateries and schools has launched its new ‘Knock Knock’ home delivery service with job management and customer notifications powered by PODFather.  Smith & Brock’s latest venture sees its fleet of 25 vehicles making up to 1,000 deliveries a day to customer homes located throughout the London area.  With a company motto of ‘expertly selected, proudly delivered’ Smith & Brock needed to ensure it had the right system in place to meet the company’s delivery service expectations.  A PODFather customer since 2017, Smith & Brock saw the value that the system’s accurate job management, and automated customer notifications, could play in the launch of its home delivery service.

Smith & Brock vegetable box

“With PODFather we have a simple solution to the complex problem of managing the allocation and execution of deliveries across our fleet.  When we decided to make the move into home delivery it was great to know we already had the right technology in place to ensure the efficient allocation of loads onto our vehicles, and the introduction of ETA notifications for our customers is a great addition to our PODFather solution.” Nick Fowler, Co-Founder of Smith & Brock Ltd


The Home Delivery Service, the Northampton based trampoline and outdoor item delivery and installation specialist, has introduced PODFather’s route planning and delivery tracking software to improve visibility, efficiency, and customer service across its nationwide last mile delivery business.  With vehicles making hundreds of deliveries a week to customer homes across the country The Home Delivery Service saw an opportunity to enhance its well-respected last mile delivery service with the introduction of forward-thinking technology.  Having reviewed the software solutions the market had to offer only PODFather presented a clear and confident solution that would meet The Home Delivery Service’s needs.  The system is now being rolled out and The Home Delivery Service team has already seen a 20% cut in customer service calls because of the customer ETA notification and on the day delivery tracking functionality that PODFather has brought to its delivery business.

Springfree Trampoline being delivered; planned by PODFather

“All our drivers, both our own and all our subcontractors, use the PODFather app to gather customer delivery information which gives me full, real time, visibility of exactly which products have been delivered to which customers. Just being able to track where our vehicles are, and keep our customers informed is a great addition to our service offering and really helps to enhance our reputation as a premium last mile delivery specialist.” Jessica Young, Director at The Home Delivery Service


Home Leisure Direct, the UK’s largest specialist games room retailer, has introduced PODFather’s driver tracking and electronic proof of delivery software to streamline processes across its white glove delivery service.  Renowned for delivering and installing an extensive range of high-end home games room products – from pool tables to jukeboxes and football tables to arcade machines – Home Leisure Direct needed a planning partner capable of eradicating paper tickets from its rapidly growing business.  Having reviewed a selection of available software solutions Home Leisure Direct were impressed by PODFather’s ability to offer paperless delivery planning and real time vehicle tracking.  With PODFather rolling out, and business expansion plans in the pipeline, Home Leisure Direct is benefitting from customer ETA notifications, live tracking, and electronic proof of delivery. 

Home Leisure Direct arcade machines delivered by PODFather

“We are really pleased with how easily the PODFather system has rolled out across our business.  We can now see where deliveries are anytime, all the time; our drivers have quickly gotten to grips with the easy to use app and our customers are loving the ETA notifications and live delivery tracking.  I would definitely recommend it to others looking to enhance delivery service with easy-to-use technology.” Ted Wiltshire, Operations Manager, Home Leisure Direct

ePOD route planning software

The PODFather solution is about so much more than proof of delivery.

Our focus is on helping companies, like you, to replace slow, paper-based processes with real-time information that brings benefits across the entire organisation. Replacing paper processes speeds the flow of data through your organisation. It allows your office staff to be better informed about the jobs they are managing daily. With PODFather you will know about any issues before they turn into business-critical problems, making you a proactive, rather than reactive organisation.

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We’re a company founded by business software specialists.

PODFather began life in 2000. If we ever tell you we’re about more than just POD, we really mean it. We’re about providing solutions that make your company more efficient, more financially robust, and more competitive. Our customers come from a diverse range of business sectors and sizes. PODFather is designed to be meet the needs of different processes and scale to accommodate any size of logistics or haulage operation.

What our clients say

The real time visibility that PODFather gives us has some big customer service benefits. Not only can we now automatically notify customers of their ETA once our drivers have completed and logged their vehicle checks and are ready to leave the depot, we can provide real time status updates on the day, while our vehicles are out on the road. This ensures customers are kept informed and are ready to accept their delivery in a safe and timely manner.

Co-founder | Smith & Brock Ltd

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