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HPP roll with the PODFather

Hill’s Panel Products (HPP) are a leading supplier of furniture components based in the UK. Since its formation in 1991, HPP has grown rapidly and are now seen as market leaders in the furniture sector. HPP recognise in order to support its continued growth, it needs to be at the forefront of technology. The decision to implement PODFather’s electronic proof of delivery solution enables HPP to enhance its current delivery process and to improve customer service.

Prior to selecting the PODFather ePOD solution, HPP were running a paper-based system to schedule and manage daily deliveries. Implementing PODFather allows HPP to become fully paperless, resulting in a more efficient and seamless delivery process. Drivers will now be able to perform their daily vehicle checks, receive job lists and confirm proof of delivery all electronically using a rugged PDA. Driver location and jobs are tracked in real time enabling office staff to inform customers of any changes in delivery information, significantly improving customer satisfaction levels.

The rugged PDA supplied to HPP is Honeywell’s latest generation Android device, the CT50. The CT50 is Honeywell’s most advanced mobile computer with a built-in barcode scanner and IP67 rating, making it perfect for HPP’s drivers out in the field.

The CT50 rugged PDA, communicates directly with the cloud based back office system enabling real time communication between the office staff and the driver. Electronic proof of deliveries are sent in real time to the back office system, facilitating quicker invoicing and payments to HPP’s customers.

HPP will begin to roll out the proof of delivery solution in December and aim to have all vehicles using the EPOD solution by the end of the year.

Dan Mounsey from HPP explains, “Whenever we speak to customers one of the things they repeatedly say is important to them is clear and timely paperwork. The introduction of the electronic proof of delivery system will help us significantly improve the service we can offer in this area as well as increasing the efficiency of our internal processes”.