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Healthcare Environmental Services use PODFather to reduce the burden of paperwork

PODFather has been deployed by Shotts-based Healthcare Environmental Services ( www.healthcareenv.co.uk ) as they look to reduce the problems posed by paper-based logistics processes.

Healthcare Environmental, with head quarters in Shotts, Lanarkshire, is a long established waste management company specialising in medical waste treatment. Due to the hazardous nature of much of the waste material, a system which can accurately track what (and where) waste is collected, and consolidate the collection rounds with waste received at the depots has been sought for many years.

The PODFather handheld solution has been integrated into the bespoke transport and document management systems in use at Healthcare Environmental. As these systems are core to their operations, it was vital that any handheld solution for the drivers would seamlessly integrate. Daily driver collection rounds are now sent from this bespoke system out to PODFather handhelds. Completed collection information is sent real-time back from the handhelds into the Healthcare systems.

Drivers follow the collection rounds on the handheld, and confirm the each item and waste type collected from customer sites. Once the vehicles return to the depot, a final audit check of collected goods is made and any discrepancies automatically highlighted to transport staff.

Operating a fleet of 70 vehicles, each making dozens of collections every day, means there is a mountain of paperwork to handle. Garry Pettigrew, Managing Director of Healthcare Environmental Services, explains further, “We have tried to reduce the paperwork generated by our drivers for several years with little success. Previously we’ve developed our own bespoke handheld solution, as well as Bluetooth pens but neither proved reliable. If we can eliminate this paperwork from our business then the admin savings and cashflow benefits are significant.

Garry continues, “Having seen the PODFather system generate an exact replica of the paperwork used by our drivers, and knowing it has been fully integrated into our bespoke internal systems, gives us great confidence we can now achieve the anticipated savings to help us further the growth of the business”.

Colin McCreadie, Business Development Director of PODFather, comments, “We are delighted Healthcare Environmental have chosen to enhance their transport system with our handheld solutions. We realise the specialist nature of their services means that any solution must be robust and simple to use, and we look forward to a long relationship with Healthcare Environmental as their business continues its impressive growth.”