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Food waste regulations feed the expansion of Keenan Recycling

Aberdeenshire-based, Keenan Recycling, is expanding rapidly thanks to waste regulations introduced by the Scottish Government in 2014, which means all local councils have to collect food waste and all businesses that produce more than 50kg of food waste a week can’t send the waste to landfill.

From 1st January 2016, this limit was reduced to just 5kg of food waste a week, fueling the expansion of Keenan Recycling across Central Scotland.

The company recently invested in a new food waste recycling facility in Central Scotland, along with an expanded fleet of specialist waste collection vehicles to cater for the increased demand in their services.

Keenan Recycling also implemented the PODFather system to manage over 20,000 collections a month. Contracts are set up with collection frequencies set according to the amount of waste generated, then automatically scheduled and route optimised on a daily basis.

The PODFather backoffice system links to in-cab driver handhelds which provide daily route details and capture the waste type and quantity of each collection. The handhelds provide the live tracking location and collection ETAs back in the office. If any collection is expected to miss a contracted time window due to delays once the driver has departed the depot, alerts are raised to allow either a reordering of jobs or customer to be contacted to inform them of a change to their ETA.

Workflows on the devices ensure if anything unexpected occurs, the handheld will prompt the driver to capture photographs as evidence.

This system includes daily driver vehicle checks at the depot in the morning, with any faults logged and made visible to Keenan transport management staff.

Keenan have gained real-time visibility of the collection rounds as they progress throughout the day and reduced the admin associated with processing thousands of paper-based collection notes, thereby allowing their staff to focus on building the business rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

Claire Keenan, Business Development Manager of Keenan Recycling, explains, “We were introduced to PODFather by one of our customers who have been using the system for their own office-waste recycling business for a number of years. It was important we could work with a company that understands how waste collection rounds work as we needed the system set up quickly whilst ensuring our duty of care requirements for waste collections were met.”

“The PODFather system works really well for us”, continues Claire. “It makes us more efficient and ensures all collections are managed correctly. We’re experiencing huge growth and the team at PODFather worked hard to understand our requirements and support us. We’ve no hesitation in recommending the PODFather system to other companies in our sector.”