Overview – Delivery Management Software

PODFather’s delivery management solution simplifies the complex problem of planning and managing a vehicle fleet.  If you have vehicles making deliveries or collections PODFather can help you optimise your route plans, collect your vehicle checks, track delivery progress, issue customer ETA notifications and collect electronic proof of delivery information in real time.  With PODFather managing your delivery process you can expect to reduce costs, improve customer service and reduce carbon emissions at the same time as minimizing empty running and eradicating paper tickets from your operation.


Automated route planning

Plan optimised deliver routes using our delivery route planner. Automatically factor in customer delivery preferences & vehicle capacities to produce efficient, reliable delivery routes.

Track delivery progress

With PODFather managing your delivery process you can track vehicle performance, against the plan, in real time without the need for costly in-vehicle telematics. Our driver app does the job for you.

Customer notifications

The PODFather delivery management solution allows you to send reliable ETA notifications to your customers once vehicles are out on the road. Ensure your customers know when to expect their deliveries with our live tracking link.

Electronic proof of delivery

With PODFather’s delivery management solution you will be able to capture and view your electronic proof of delivery confirmations in real time. See exactly what is being delivered where in real time, all the time.

The benefits of using PODFather’s delivery management software

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Eradicate paper tickets from your delivery operation. Use robust, easy to use technology instead, saving time & trees in the process.

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Reduce delivery costs across your business by reducing empty running & improving fleet utilization.

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Meet customer time windows with ease and watch your customer satisfaction scores soar.

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Invoice faster. With PODFather you have real time ePOD, meaning you can issues invoices faster & improve your business cashflow.

Case Study: JW Filshill

JW Filshill, the wholesale distributor behind the Keystore convenience shop brand, is using PODFather to keep shelves at its 1,600 customers well stocked. A PODFather user for over six years, JW Filshill relies on PODFather’s delivery management solution to plan and manage its 33 vehicles delivering a mix of fresh, frozen and ambient produce to customers across Scotland and the North of England.  With service reliability being one of the key factors ensuring customer satisfaction during the COVID-19 crisis, JW Filshill are using PODFather to help plan double-shifts, and additional spot-hire vehicles, to meet the significant increase in order volumes that the team are currently dealing with. Read the full JW Filshill case study.

“Here at JW Filshill our motto is that ‘we’ll support you ever more’…something that has really come to the fore during the pandemic.  Our team is under pressure to meet a huge increase in demand, and I have nothing but praise for everyone who has risen to the challenge of keeping our customer stores stocked. With systems such as PODFather in place it makes life that little bit easier at what is a very testing time.”  Stuart MacKenzie, Operations Manager, JW Filshill

Filshill van and lorry
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PODFather’s delivery management solution

What our clients say

As a business we have built our reputation by sourcing meat from the finest cattle, pig and poultry farmers. As our offering has grown, with the introduction of artisan cheese, other products and a home delivery service, we have seen the need to move away from what was historically a paper-based delivery management process.

Purchasing Manager | Aubrey Allen

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