BAKO North Western (Group) Limited, the leading nationwide supplier of bakery products and ingredients, is seeing significant savings having rolled out PODFather’s fleet management and electronic proof of delivery software.  BAKO’s multi temperature vehicles deliver to the thousands of customers nationally and BAKO needed a system that could rise to the planning challenge presented by its high-volume operation.  Having been impressed by the PODFather system’s breadth of functionality, flexibility and ease of integration, BAKO were able to roll out delivery tracking, vehicle check, customer notification and electronic proof of delivery technology in a matter of weeks.  Paper tickets are now a thing of the past and the increased visibility and efficiency that PODFather brings has resulted in cost savings, efficiency improvements and improved customer service.

“The introduction of PODFather completely changed the way we work,” comments Richard Hodson, IT Manager at Bako North Western (Group) Limited.  “We used to manage everything using paper tickets which, with thousands of products and customers, was a hugely time intensive task.  We have now eradicated paper tickets from two of our three locations and look forward to doing this again at our third and final site early next year.”

Now, with PODFather, we can tell customers exactly what they will be receiving in their delivery, and if items are rejected or returned our drivers can log this using the PODFather App while on site with the customer, giving us complete real time visibility of what’s going on out on the road.

Real time visibility across the operation has also helped to streamline and speed up invoicing processes. 

“We have built PODFather to be a system capable of tackling the big challenges that distribution operators, such as BAKO, have to face on a daily basis including high volumes and item substitutions,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather.  “To see the BAKO operation roll out so quickly, and with such great results, is testament to our commitment to developing and delivering an easy to use software solution with robust integration capability, that bring real business benefits to today’s fleet operators.”